CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   HBTI Kanpur-27 Jul 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   HBTI Kanpur-27 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    CTS Paper, 27th July 06, HBTI Kanpur


    Hi frnds??


    CTS visited our campus for the first time on 27th July 06.

    It was 7th company visiting this year.

    Out of 263 ?..195 were short listed n finally 66 were finalized through interviews.

    And LUCKILY I was among the finalized candidates.

    It was Calcutta team of CTS that visited our campus.

    The selection procedure consisted of two phases:-


    a)      Verbal

    b)       Analytical reasoning

    c)      Logical


                Technical + HR combined





    This portion consisted of three sections

    a) Verbal:-

                Two reading comprehension, find out correct /incorrect sentences, Prepositions, articles etc.

    I would suggest to leave the RC first n try other things. If possible go to RC at last if time remains. Paper is so long dat will remain.

    b) Analytical Reasoning:-

                Questions based on sets, Venn diagrams, binary no. problems like $ as 1

                And * as 0, 1 question was on AP, cube problems etc.

    c) Logical:-

                Find the odd one out, questions based on some P?s are Q, some Q?s are Z and then to identify the correct relations among the given options.

    For this RS Agrawal would be sufficient.




      Interview was only one comprising of both technical n HR. There were 7 panels running parallel. CTS had brought each branch specified person n so the interviews were conducted. I would say just have confidence n a little bit of core-technical.

    Questions were as follows????

    May I come in sir???

    Yea sure Gaurav plzz come in?..

    Plzz have Ur seat?

    Thank you sir?.

    1)      plzz tell me about Urself , Ur family background, qualifications etc?.

    In this way he cleared every point 2 be mentioned. As this question is 2 difficult 2 answer

    2)      What r Ur strengths?

    3)      What r Ur weaknesses?

    4)      Can u give any example from ur life so dat strength n weakness can be judged.

    5)      What r ur hobbies?

    Reading tech magazine, surfing, playing computer games?..

    6)      Which magazine do u read?

    7)      Who suggested u this magazine?

    8)      Have u made any project 4m this magazine?

    9)      Which type of comp. games u play?

    10)  How many games have u completed up 2 this time?

    11)  Why young generation loves fighting games than other games?

    12)  U said u participated at Robogames IIT Kanpur.

    13)  What do u mean by Robogames?

    14)  What was the task u had 2 face?

    15)  Whether still u have that bot?

    16)  What qualities acc 2 u a software engineer must have?

    17)  What do u mean by communication skill?

    18)  Is speaking a good English means good communication skill?

    19)  Can I have Ur CV plzzz

    Yea sure sir, he directly went to the 4th page

    20)  What were Ur subject in 4th sem.

                      I could only recall 4 subjects??.n then he gone for next question?.

    Then tech. portion started??

    21)  U presented a seminar on artificial intelligence. What does it mean?

    22)  Have u read OP-AM?

    23)  What r the characteristics of OP-AM?

    24)  Can u derive the closed loop gain for OP-AM?

    Yes sir, then plz derive????.

    25)  Have u read flip-flops?

    26)  What r these?

    27)   How many have u read?

    28)  Can u make table for them?

    29)  How many gates have u read?

    30)  Can u prepare the OR or NOR gate with the help of transistors, capacitors, resistors etc.

    Yes sir. Then he made me 2 make the ECL gate comprising of both NOR n OR gate.

    31)  Can u prove the truth table for this?

    32)  Well have u read CHIP DESIGNING or manufacturing?

    I recalled that I have read VLSI-designing but not even a single process was in my mind. So I said ???

                NO SIR???..its in the next sem.


                He agreed n gone for next ??.

    33)  Do u want 2 ask something 4m CTS?

                      Sir CTS makes us 2 undergo a workshop of 20-25 days at one of its centres, Is dat period included in the training or apart 4m dat.


    He was amazed at this ques. N said how I no these much things . I gave him the reference .he explained the answer.


    Then I asked, in the test conducted at those centres if some body fails then whether company gives them joining or not??..

    HR said why do u hav such a negative thought?

    It was a wrong question asked at dat moment but I changed the mood




    AND then the interview was over HR still asked do u hav any more confusion I said no sir?..


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