CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   DURGAPUR-11 Jul 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   DURGAPUR-11 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Dear Frnds,

    Atlast (though it was 2nd company here) I got thru Cognizant. I am sending my intv. experience...July 11, 2006

    Cognizant came to our campus NIT, Durgapur for campus recruitment. There was only two round written & intv(techni & hr combined). Aptitude was in this format:
     Verbal non verbal 25 qns 20 mnts
     Analytical        25 qns 30 mnts

    Questins like figure matching(mental ability) 20 questions 20 mnts
    Questions were not esy not hard, I answred (11+21+8). There was no sectional cut off.

    194 students cleard written of abt 250 students, & finally selected 96 students( 5 m.tech, 6 mca, rests b.tech)
    though I was sure, not to cross the written(bcoz verbal sec. was not done confidently & lower cutoff for the 3rd sec. though there was no sec. cut off) but I did.
    Written test was arranged by merit track & there waz one qustn set.


    there was two passages one of them was about air pollution by sashi tharoor from sashitharoor.com
    some qstns of rearranging sentences.
    Finding the correct/incorrect sentences(5-6 qstns)

    colored cube problem
    data interpretation problem where $ represents 1 & * represnts 0.
    Venn diag. problem
    Mental Ability
    5-6 logic qstns like
    1. no X's r Y's; no Y's r Z's ; choose the conclusion from following
       i.  no X's r Z's    ii. All X's r Z's  iii. ..
    some figure matching questions(10 qstns)..

    I: walked thru the intv room.
    Intvr: gestured to sit down
    I: good afternoon sir.
    Intv: good afternun. sit down.
    I: thnk u sir.
    Intv: where r u from?
    I: i am from Barrackpore
    intv: then why r u at durgapur?
    i: for my m.tech study.
    intv: o, u r m. tech! then in the mean time he looked into my filled up book in prescribed format.
    [ the book was filled up roughly not so seriously, bcoz we had to fill up the same with in few mnts before the written exam. 
    Just like this way:
      Strength: commitment
      Weakness: easily believed other person
    Hobbies: Playing crickt, traveling, listening to music, viewing movies
    The qualities u have to be a successful IT professional:
      Having fixed goal
      After viewing the book the intvr. said ok & didn't ask any question frm them (thnk GOD)]
    intv: then tell a litl bit abut ur family, parrents, ur hobbies etc.
    i: i just told simply abt my family, & hobbies included "playing cricket, listening to music, hmmmmm & sir keeping track abt current mobile or cellur growth of india"
    intv: hmm, what is the present cellur growth?
    i: (i was not sure abt the cellelur growth so i told no of subscriber) presently it's abt 8(?) crore subscribers sir.
    intv: hmm, then what is ur fevrit subjt?
    i: I said "can I say C?"
    intv: C progrmg ok, what next ?
    i: data structr, OS
    intvr: hmm, how can I allocate memory in C
    i: using malloc fn
    intvr: then what is calloc?
    I: ansrd. Highlightning the no. of parameter & memory initializn
    Intvr: thn what about malloc 
    I: memory is un initialized, & contains garbage value.
    Intvr: what is linkd list?
    I: ansrd
    Intvr: what is doubly linked list?
    I answrd
    Intvr: what is doubly circular linked list?
    I ansrd.
    Intvr: do u know OS.
    I: yes sir. ( I was getting afraid at this time bcoz I thot he will enter into semaphore & deadlock for which at that moment I was not well prepared, but he did not so. Thanks GOD)
    Intvr: what is thrashing?
    I: I answerd usig virtual memory concept, abt this answr I was not so fluent but ansrd such a way that he fills I know the answer, told confidently & putting my eyes onto his eyes.
    Intvr: what is virtual memory?
    I: I answred like prev. question.
    Intvr: I am quite pleased with ur answer, now if u hv any qustns u can ask?
    I: I was surprisd bcoz this question is asked at last & my intv was just started. So I askd "will I ask any question?" 
    Intvr: yes.
    I: sir, if I get joined into ur company then what kind of responsibility or work I hav to do?
    Intver: first 3 months trng will be there, after that..(what he replyed I didn't listen, bcoz just after that he gestured to leave)
    I: thank u sir.
    Intvr: hmm.
    It was a just a journey of only 8 to 10 mnts. Intrvwrs were cool & they were come to take students. But the levels were varied from panel to panel, some panels were tough. one panel asked my friend "why r u doing m.tech, for not getting job in b.tech?", which companies u attened at that time?, why tcs rejected u?, why satyam rejected u? etc. etc. and that frnd could not cross the intv. Though I was also not selected initially, but got my name at last from the bunch of b.tech students(it was a grt mistake!).
    (Paper Submitted By : Apurba Mandal, M.Tech, CSE, NIT, Durgapur)

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