CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Chennai-6 Oct 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Chennai-6 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends  I am Balaji VP from Madurai Kamaraj University. Last week i.e. on 6th October I attended Cognizant technology Solution off-campus @ St.michael
    school, Chennai.
    This is my career map: IBM->INFOSYS->VIRTUSA->TORRY HARRIS->NIIT->DHYANINFO->ASPIRE->HCL->CTS Out of these I went to interview in INFOSYS->TORRY HARRIS->HCL->CTS 
    So after a hard struggle and due to God's grace I got placed in CTS...I am very much thankful to god, my parents, my seniors & my friends & specially freshersworld 

    In cts, there are 3 sections namely 

    1) Verbal 25 questions 20 minutes

    2) Analytical 25 questions 30 minutes

    3) Attention 20 questions 20 minutes


    Analytical reasoning is the easiest section it covers questions like

    *Venn diagram


    *some problems using *->0,1->$ like that?.


    Verbal section contains

    *identify the CORRECT sentence

    *identify the INCORRECT sentence


    *reading comprehension

    It's some what easy?


    Last section contains

    *figure related problems (odd man out, next series)

    *same *,$ problem like LCM(13,34,47) is a)$***$* b)$$$$** etc

    * logically related sentence like

    E.g. If its rains, I won't play cricket

    a)i play cricket

    b)it rains

    c)i play cricket

    d)its not raining

    1) cd 2) ac 3)bc 4)ab

    Some puzzles like a four story building .... And some conditions given questions based on them


    Very easy but time management is important...

    After written they announced the result @ 2:00 pm. immediately those candidates are asked to go to interview panel.

    There are at most 18 panels...so be ready after the written...


    Some of friends got both tech & hr questions but iam very lucky to get only hr questions...


    My interviewer is smart & friendly nature.

    Before giving the pattern pls note these imp points U  have to fill up some questions before the written test.
    1.ur sem marks
    2.whats ur expectation from cts
    3.wats ur long term and short term goals
    4.mention some points that u think need to be a good software engineer
    5.software orientation
    6.ur strengths and weakness
    7.hobbies and extra curricular activities

    They will surely ask questions from above when u go to interview. so pls be prepared for the answers.


    Hr:take ur seat balaji..

    Me:thank u sir( I had given hand shaken & told "hope to have a nice interaction with u"J)

    Hr:sure balaji..give me ur pg mark sheets..

    Me: given

    (Actually I have two as my history of arrears but I filled in the form as no arrears so he asked me and I said

    That in hurry I filled & misunderstood the question. So he striked that and filled that column again for me)

    Hr:tell  me about yourself?

    Me:I told  native place, Qualifications , career objective, hobbies?

    hr:why there is decrease in % in ur 12th std

    me:sir  due to personal problem( he laughedJ and told k keep that as personal)

    hr: tell about ur project in pg?

    me :explained with snap shots of proj...

    hr:why u chosen vc++ for this proj?

    me  becaz lot of API are available in vc++..

    Hr:how far u r strong in c?

    Me:I am an average in c but I can do all basic programs and I still  learning more..

    Hr(laughed)have u undergone any computer courses?

    Me: no sir(actually I had finished java/j2ee course from NIIT but in order to avoid question i didn?t mentioned that in my resume)


    Me: becaz all advanced technologies are included in our MCA syllabus in mku...

    Hr: what is ur father?

    Me: told?(he suddenly asked abt my family to check ur presence of mind)

    Hr: ur mother?

    Me: home maker...

    Hr:  from which subject shall I ask questions for u?

    Me: laughed and told obviously from my area of interest(DBMS)

    Hr:  what is a database? what is the difference between DB & file system?

    Me: told(blaah.....) (he got impressed and he didn?t asked any questions from technical)

    Hr:  what is nanotechnology?( I presented a paper  in technical symposium)

    Me: told

    Hr: what is ur strength & weakness?

    Me : told( self-confidence, avid learner)

    Hr: what u think abt ur performance  today in the interview?

    Me: laughed said I hav done my level best..

    Hr: is it confidence or over-confidence?

    Me: no sir just confidence

    Hr:  do u hav any questions?

    Me : asked 4 questions namely how do u feel working with cts?

    Hr: he got so happy and told abt his experience in cts....

    Finally I greeted him and went out 


    They published the result @ 6:30 pm we eagerly waited there.

    And finally "I MADE IT" my name is also there.. thank god.... Hurray!  now iam a member of CTS family....

    My advice to u is don't lose hope at any point of time, even when u miss ur dream company....

    Be confident, bold & maintain eye contact in the interview.....

    Hope to meet u in CTS....


    All the best.

    Good luck. 


    Balaji VP

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