CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   CHENNAI -3 Jul 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   CHENNAI -3 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends!!!

    I would like to share the Happy news that I got placed in CTS on campus..and I would like to share my experience for the benefit of those yet to take up this test....we had preplacement talk in which we were encouraged to ask questions about CTS company. after that we had aptitude test comprising 3 sections:

    Section A :
    Verbal : 2 comprehensions, correct the sentences, finding the incorrect sentences, rearranging the order of sentences.

    Section B :
    Analytical : cubes sum , simple quants sum , venn diagrams, *= 0 and $ =1  code the nos accordingly

    Section C :
    Logical : finding the odd man out from figures, completing the series of figures,finding the odd man out from the figures..

    Don worry guys..the apti was pretty easy if u know how to manage time as it was a bit lengthy

    I was then shortlisted for the interview for which I had less time to prepare. It went on like this: There were two interviewers in my panel, both of them ladies

    Interviewer: Hello I am Swapna
    Me: Introduced myself
    I: Tell us abt urself
    Me: mostly told abt my educational background and my extracurricular activity.
    I: dint u do anytin else extra?
    Me: I mentioned abt a paper I presented recently
    I: tell us abt ur paper 
    Me: gave a brief explaination abt my paper aftr wich I was asked ques from my paper.

    After that the interview was purely techy..and for the benefit of EEE students I suggest u go through concepts in electrical machines, electronic circuits, integrated circuits, power electronics, communications and a little bit of C programming. HR ques mainly abt my personal interests and hobbies.
     After that I waited for 4 hours and then the results were out that I got selected.

    Jus relax folks !! If u have confidence and gud communication skills along with basic technical knowledge u will get thru the interview.. as for the apti u wd hav got the previous 2006 papers of CTS and the above mentioned pattern holds good everywhere.
    All the best for your Future endeavours in getting placed in a gud company

    Cheers !!!

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