CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -2 Jul 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -2 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    I got into CTS on July 2nd, thanks to wonderful people in this forum and their articles. I m very happy that I got into CTS even though I m from a non IT stream, I was very weak in APPTITUDE, but slowly developed the habit of practicing. Frens I jus have one advice for u plz try to work out the aptitude problems it's absolutely no use solving them in ur mind. As far as CTS is concerned they test Ur aptitude and technical and HR ROUNDS.

    This was my experience I m gonna share with u..

    Aptitude test: 70 questions
    No negative marking;
    Verbal Ability - 20 mins
    Analytical Skills -30 mins
    Mental Ability: 25 mins

    Verbal Ability: Go through Barons, its enough. We were given 2 big passages, which consumed most of the time. Try to increase ur reading capacity, it will help u save time. Practice b4 u leave.

    Analytical: Solve Freshersworld.com papers u will find most of the questions from old papers but not reaped only datas changed.

    Mental Ability: odd man series, seating arrangement.

    Techinical and HR(together)

    The following was our conversation: ( remember I m A MECHANICAL Student )
    Me: Good morning sir,
    Hr: please come in.
    Me: thank u sir.
    Hr: Can I hav Ur resume and mark sheets..(He checked this very carefully as CTS allows only 2 arrears in ur whole academics).. Do u think everything is fine with ur resume ???
    Me: Yes Sir .it is .( Actually it was not fine I had forgotten to sign the declaration part. So frens don't reapeat wat I did .)
    Hr: ok shall we proceed with the interview.
    Me: yes sure sir. 
    Hr: ok so u r from mechanical , y do u wanna enter IT.
    Me: "Sir, I wanna join an industry which is more challenging and which gives me job satisfaction, to do mechanical engg was my passion , but  I tinkered with computer and
    And learnt a lot about prog and new fields in IT.
    HR: OK Abhishek good.. Wat is an AIR Brake ?
    Me: Answered
    Hr:Wat are the latest advancement in car security systems?
    Me: Answered( Go through AutoCar magazine)
    Hr: Are u good at puzzles, can u solve them.
    Me: yes sir, I ll try my best
    ( He gave me two puzzles which I solved)
    Hr: ok, ( now he got back to technical)  so wat is     MPFI?
    Me: Sorry sir, I hav learnt about ignitinion sytems but I cannot recollect it .
    Hr: ok no prob. Do you hav any questions for me.
    Me: yes sir..
    Hr: plz proceed.
    Me: CTS Is a US based company, with over a decade long experience in INDIA, ITS listed in NASDAQ, . Why does not the company make its own venture in INDIA and try to get listed in BSE, NSE, and try to make some money through this booming economy??? (This question impressed him the most)
    Hr: god knows wat he said.( key is too keep shaking ur head but don lose ur concentration, remember its now ur turn to impress him.)
    Me: How do u tend to maintain the customer relationship??
    Hr: again I don't know wat he said.
    Hr. do u hav any more questions..
    Me: No sir, I got my answers.
    Hr: ok abhishek, all the Best. Wait for Ur results.
    Me: I thanked him and left the room.

    Later in the day @ 2.30 results were announced and I was selected.

    Key to this interview was they jus checked ur confidence and attitude.
    Be a positive thinker.

    All the best for all aspirants.

    Abhishek Jhawar, SRMIST, Chennai

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