CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   VIJAYAWADA -21 Jun 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   VIJAYAWADA -21 Jun 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Dear Friends,
    The placement procedure of CTS at Koneru Lakshmaiah College of Engineering, Vaddeswaram on June 23.

    The CTS Pattern has Aptitude test and Technical/HR interview is well known to all. But we had slight a change in the pattern in which there was no NEGATIVE marking. The day started with their presentation, Which is very useful for interview. It will give all the details of the company and they will ask questions from that ppt.

    Then we had aptitude test which comprises of 3 sets
    1) Verbal Ability
    2) Analytical Ability
    3) Attention details Verbal Ability 25 questions 20 mts Analytical Ability 25 questions 30 mts.

    Attention details 20 questions 20 mts As soon as each set time is over they will grab out the individual sets and give the next set. For us the order of sets given was Verbal Ability,Analytical Ability,Attention details.

    In verbal Ability,this time the whole era was for the CORRECTION OF SENTENCES. We had so many questions on choosing the Correct Sentences and INCORRECT sentences. Even there were 2 READING COMPREHENSION passages and Arrangement of sentences. As a whole the verbal Abiltiy was on Correction of sentences, RC, Jumbled Sentences.

    The Analytical Ability was based on some SETS, Binary numbers,.......

    The Attention details set had questions on critical reasoning in which 2 premises will be given and asked to write the conclusion,find the ODD man out and so on... 

    The written test short list was based on Individual sets qualification.You need to get minimum score in every set. In our college out of 438 students who have appeared for WRITTEN test around 215 people have been shortlisted. As a whole the paper was easy. and even NO negative marking saved us. So guys prepare well and u can go through the CTS Paper easily.

                                                                                        by  Murali Krishna.

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