CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   St.Patricks School Hyderabad-02 Oct 2010

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   St.Patricks School Hyderabad-02 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,    

       I attended my Cognizant off-campus event held at st.patricks school Hyderabad on 3rd October which was conducted by merit trac solutions. They announced the written test results on 7th. The interview held on Nov 3rd at Auriga auditorium VBIT park Hyderabad.

    Written Test

    At the time of written test you will be given a omr sheet followed by  HR form so do note all your sem wise percentage, languages you know, short & longterm goals, why CTS etc fill the fields correctly because at the time of interview you will be asked questions based on what you have written here.

    Written test consists of two sections

    1. Analytical section

    2. Verbal section

    Analytical Section

    This section consists of syllogisms, odd one out, letter and number series, statements conclusion-3 questions given, a bar graph followed by 5 questions, ages, coding and decoding etc.

    Verbal Section

    The time given was 20 min and we need to answer 30 questions. It consists of 2 passages followed by 5 questions each, find the error in the sentence given-4 questions, analogies, questions given like who is the tallest among 5 members P Q R S T. etc. Time management is very important here. First answer the questions you know well. Attempt the paragraphs at the last.

    Technical round:

    It held around 15-20min for me.

    Me: Good afternoon sir
    HR: Good afternoon please sit down
    Me: Thank you sir

    HR: Tell me about yourself in short

    Me: Said
    HR: what is your long term goal?
    Me: To become project manager in 5 years

    HR: Why you need 5 years?

    Me: Because I want to go step by step in my career.

    HR: What is the peak position in a software company

    Me: CEO
    HR: What does he do?
    Me: Said
    HR: What are the different topologies?
    Me: Ring, mesh, bus & star topologies

    HR: What are the differences between ring and star topologies? he asked me to draw them                        

    Me: I have drawn and explained it
    HR: If you are working in a company like cts which topology you prefer
    Me: Star topology
    HR: Why
    Me: Explained

    HR: Tell me about FET

    Me: It?s a negative resistance device
    HR: where it is used?
    Me: In several Electronic devices

    HR: What is the function of it in those devices?

    Me: Unable to answer this one properly
    HR: What is the difference b/w FET &transistor?
    Me: Said

    HR: What is the difference b/w transistor and conductor

    Me: Transistor acts like conductor, insulator as well as semiconductor according to biasing but conductor is used only for conducting electricity like copper

    HR: Which microprocessor you know about?(As I said microprocessors is my favorite subject)
    Me:  8086
    HR: What is the difference between 8085 and 8086 microprocessors?

    Me: RAM size, 8085 is a 8bit microprocessor and 8086 is a 16 bit microprocessor.

    HR if you increase no of pins in a micro processor what happens?
    Me: We can address the instructions of length 16byte
    HR: Apart from that what happens?
    Me: Addressing capability increases we can address 2 power 16 devices i.e, 65536
    HR: What are the various processors used presently?
    Me: Pentium 4, 8086 etc
    HR: Ok, tell me about your project

    Me: Said

    HR: Where do you use this?
    Me: Said
    HR: Why you prefer this project?

    Me: As this is a combination of embedded systems and computer networks I preferred it.

    HR: What is a protocol?
    Me: It is nothing but a set of rules saitisfied at both ends.
    HR: Tell me about tcp/ip protocol

    Me: Said about the layers and functioning

    HR: What is the need for protocol?
    Me: As we require a telephone number for calling a person we require an ip address for accessing a website
    HR: What is the difference between osi reference model and tcp/ip model?

    Me: Explained

    HR: Why you go for tcp/ip model
    Me: Because of some demerits and it depends on the application
    HR: What are the other protocols you know

    Me: I don?t know about other protocols sir

    HR: What is a web server?
    Me: It is nothing but a computer program that delivers the contents like web pages over www.
    HR: Then what is an application server

    Me: Which is for a specific application(not confident)

    HR: Why there is difference in your percentage in +2(93) and B.Tech(73)
    Me: its not possible to get 93 in btech sir (with a smile)
    HR: Then why not 80s?

    Me: I just need distinction sir

    HR: Ok, do you have any questions for me?
    Me: no sir
    HR: Ok wishing you all the best

    Me: Thank you sir

    Just maintain a smile on your face and maintain confidence levels

    HR round:

    HR round not even went for 2 mins. This is the round checking your English fluency and communication skills. 
    HR: What is your 10th %?
    Me: 83.66
    HR: inter %?

    Me: 93.2

    HR: Tell me about a recent movie u watched
    Me: told
    HR: Ok thank you check your mail after one week

    Me: Thank you sir

    The results were declared after 1 week through mail. I felt so happy the time I received  mail.

    Wishing you all the best. See you at cognizant.


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