CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   St. Thomas College Of Engg &Tech. Kolkata-6 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   St. Thomas College Of Engg &Tech. Kolkata-6 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends,
    I am Tapash Debnath from St. Thomas? College Of Engg & Tech. Cognizant came in our college on 6th January. Now I will going to tell you what actually happened that day.
    First Cognizant?s Mr. Nilangshu Ghosal start with a very wonderful ppt at 8.30. At 10oclock we are redirected to respective rooms where our first stage of selection process took place. Usually what you have to do is just make sure you ready with the answers of following questions like your hobbies, your marks, strengths, weaknesses, what you expect from CTS, and what are the skills you required to be successful in IT industry and list the reasons why.
    Actually you have to fill it up within only 5 mins and if you are not ready with your answers then it will be difficult to fill and this one of the vital part because in interview round you are just hammered on whatever you write on this paper. So fill it carefully.
    Now in the aptitude round we have to answer  two papers separately
    1) Analytical (30 marks 30 mins)

    2) Verbal (25 marks 30 mins)

    Now for CTS you don?t have to think much for aptitude. Because if you have basic idea about the aptitude questions then you will find it is very very easy. You have know the process of solution and R.S Aggarwal book is sufficient for this.

    Now move into the Analytical part. In the analytical part I am surprised that there was no quantitive question. First there was some syllogisms very very easy.

    * Then some coding decoding very easy
    * Some non-verbal series
    * Match the problem image with 4 of the options, which one is same with the problem image.
    * And a Data interpretation question
    It?s the easiest question I have ever seen but what is constraint is time. Try to solve fast. Now moving to the Verbal part, there was only 2 passages and rest are all sentence correction.
    Though its easy if you are from English background but It seems little bit tougher for me as I am from WB board. Though you don?t have to worry because in CTS clearing aptitude is very easy because their cut-off marks very less. If you get 7 out of 25 you may have a chance to clear that paper also.
    In reading comprehension there was one passage on higher education in Mther tongue written by Mahatma Gandhi and another one is on women workers on factories like that. First one is little bit small and latter one is huge.
    Now after clearing aptitude round we will redirect to you respective panels where individual panels will take your interview. In CTS interview round may be crucial as you have to answer very consciously so that interviewer may not trap you and don?t get in any controversies and don?t show any of your weak points. 
    Like if you are not from CSE or IT and if have been asked a question on C or data structure. Don?t  ever tell them that you don?t know that tell them I knew that but for the time being I can't remember it.
    And don?t try to bluff infront of him because they are very experienced and you will be easily get trapped. Now another important note. Don?t go by any of the candidates experience, because what your panel will ask you completely depends on that particular panel. For instance in some of the panels in our college only technical questions are asked and in some only HR questions are asked.
    May be your interviewer disturbing you by speaking Bengali (what happens in our college) but don?t break your streak. Speak only in English because they are just checking your rigidity.
    And you have keep eye contact with your interviewer and keep smile in your face and don?t loose confidence and don?t get panicked. One thing you will realise that HR persons are usually very friendly and they will make the environment such that you will not get panicked. In CTS all the panels are very young and very very cool so feel free.
    Now here is my interview.

    Me: May I come in sir.

    HR: Yes
    Me: Good evening Sir
    HR: Good evening. Have a sit.
    HR: So tell me something about yourself Tapash?
    Me: Told

    HR: And what your father do? and your brother?

    Me: Told
    HR: So you know C?
    Me: little bit Sir

    HR: Ok write any C program and explain it.

    Me: I have written a very simple program and explained.
    HR: You are from electrical field then why you want to join IT?
    Me: Told

    HR: Ok tapash did you know functions and pointer?

    Me: Little bit
    HR: Ok. Tell me what is every function is called by someone then who called main function?
    Me: Told

    HR: Good.

    HR: Now tell me what is what compiler does?
    Me: I have tried but not able to give exact answer
    HR: OK can you tell me what is recursion?

    Me: Told

    HR: Write any program using recursion and explain
    Me: I have written the program of factorial and explained.
    HR: Do you want to ask me any question?

    Me: Asked

    HR: Do you know my name is also Tapash?
    (Coincidently the name of the interviewer is also tapash and I have already seen it in his id)

    Me: Yes sir I have seen it.

    HR: (Smiling) ok thank you Mr. Tapash Debnath.
    Me: Thank you sir.
    Believe I am just surprised that I have not asked an single question on electrical or regarding my project

    Our result was announced on 7th and I am selected.

    If you found this post is helpful please comment on that and if you want any type of help or suggestion feel free to contact me

    Tapash debntah



    All the best to All!

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