CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   St. Michaels Hr. Sec. School, Chennai -19 Nov 2010

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   St. Michaels Hr. Sec. School, Chennai -19 Nov 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,
    This is Balaji from T.J. Institute of Technology (Chennai). I'm a MCA graduate. Recently I have attended CTS & I am glad that now i am part of Cognizant, I wanna share my experience to you guys. I attended my aptitude test at St. Michael's Hr.Sec.School, Chennai on 20/11/10.

    The Merit Track conducted the test. Before the test you have to fill a form. Do it carefully as questions may be raised from here in your technical interview. 1500 students attended aptitude only 300 cleared aptitude.
    1. Software Orientation.
    2. Hobbies and extra-curricular activities
    3. Strengths and Weakness.
    4. Expectation from CTS.
    5. Why CTS.
    6. Long term and short-term goal with CTS.
    My suggestion would be go through R.S Aggarwal verbal & non verbal and also Barrons GRE. It is enough to crack the written. Calculate your time because you wont have time to complete your aptitude. It's better to skip it and move to the other questions and when you get time you can come back to it.

    1. Analytical & Logical: Syllogism-5 questions, Statement and conclusion-5 questions, data interpretation-5 questions, coding-5 question, Figure series-5 questions, odd images-5 questions.

    2. Verbal: Two comprehension 10 questions, Detecting correct sentences-5 questions, Detecting incorrect sentences-5 questions, jumbled sentences-5 questions.

    Please refer Freshersworld.com previous question papers for the pattern. Thanks for Freshersworld.com that I also referred papers from this website only. You don't get exact questions but you will get the pattern & idea. They told the result through e-mail, the next day(21/11/2010). Around 8.00 p.m I got a mail from CTS that I cleared the test and called for Technical interview.
    My Interview:

    My Technical HR held on 22/11/10 around 12:30. At MPEZ Cognizant. I was eagerly waiting for my turn from morning. We had 8 Panels, Merit Track People called me inside at 12:30.
    Me: Good Afternoon sir.
    Tech HR: Good Afternoon take your seat. (He was having to my written aptitude marks and written form about Software Orientation, Hobbies and extra-curricular activities, Strengths and Weakness, Expectation from CTS, Why CTS, Long term and short-term goal with CTS. He asked me Tell about myself. They'll ask question only by seeing those things.

    Tech HR: Asked about my project.
    Me: I Explained him. My project was on Audio Steganography

    Tech HR: He asked what are the Packages I have imported.
    Me: I said most of the Packages.

    Tech HR: He asked me about the default Package in Java.
    Me: I said Java language

    Tech HR: How do you Compress data in Audio.
    Me: Explained about Zipper class and Zipper Package Working.
    Tech HR: He said good and me to write coding on Compression
    Me: Wote and explained (he was impressed).

    Tech HR: How did you implement Encryption and Decryption in your project.
    Me: I explained it confidently.

    Tech HR: (There was a question to check my confidence I forget so guys say the truth to HR else they will easily find you). What do you find in Java Language packages.
    Me: Int, Float, Char. I said only three. He asked me to say more I said I can recall all. But these    questions were very simple.

    Tech HR: He asked me about what OOPS concept I have used in project.
    Me: I said. (He din ask anything from C, C++, DBMS anything. Only Project and Java Packages, OOPS concept, encryption and decryption).

    Tech HR: He said that?s it for the day. any questions.
    Me: Asked about current project working at CTS and which platform I will be working for CTS.

    Tech HR: He said me everthing What I asked. HR guys are really Good. They expect only basics knowledge from us with good communication Skill. 100% of Technical HR questions they ask from C, C++, JAVA, SDLC, AGILE, stack, queue, linked list, SQL, Mini project, Subject you like in UG. My Interview went around 30 mins. Important thing is to be bold and have confidence don't get panic.
    After 10 min they called me for HR round

    HR: Hi Balaji take your seat.
    I: Good afternoon .

    HR: Could you tell about yourself.
    I: I said till he asked next question.

    HR: He asked what I know about CTS
    I: I said whatever I know.

    HR: He asked me to speak on college life.
    I: I was speakin to him for 10 mins he was really impressed. We both we conversing just like pals. He said me directly that I have impressed him. He asked me to bring the photo. I went out took photo from my bag. He himself pasted it in that form. He smiled and said me to check my mail that evening. I was very happy. I think receive that day the next day morning I received offer from CTS. I was very happy

    See guys don't loose your hope work hard daily. Don't expect anything surely you'll get good job. This is my 4th company Accenture, TCS (waiting for offer for N/W engg), L&T, CTS. Finally I won, hard work will surely to light one day.

    Thanks to freshersworld.com and everyone for their good wishes. Hope my suggestion would be a help for you all.

    All the best, See you at CTS!

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