CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SJBIT Bangalore.-24 Sep 2010

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SJBIT Bangalore.-24 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi guys, I had attended CTS Off-Campus written test on 25th September at SJBIT Bangalore.The test was conducted 2 days(25th and 26th, mine was on 25th). It was an online test. 55 questions and 50 mins. No negative marking. It was conducted by Merit track ppl. Everyone will get a different paper. The test consisted of 2 parts. Analytical and logical, once you jump from one section to another you cannot come back to previous one( you can jump between questions in the same section though).

    The question pattern is same as said by some ppl in freshersworld.com but don't expect such simple questions.They will be a bit difficult.Time management is very important. Before the test you have to fill in a form like s/w orientation, long term goals etc as said by others in the website(that too online only).
    I will tell you the type of questions asked.
    Part 1(Analytical)30 questions:
    * A table with data is given and questions will be asked on that(Bit difficult)
    * Syllogisms(1st only one conclusion is given and to statements are given choose the statement). I could   understand only some of them.
    * Completing the figures, next figure in the series.
    * Some puzzles.
    * Data sufficiency qustions.
    * Coding and decoding.
    * Finding conclusion for a statement.
    (No cube question in off-campus)

    Part 2(Verbal) 25 questions:
    * Two very very long passages and 10 to 12 questions from it. Luckily i got 1 passage which i had read in home so didn't read it. I answered it. For the second one didn't have time so did it randomly.
    * Finding the correct and incorrect sentences.
    * Finding the incorrrect part in a sentence.
    As i said time management is very important.

    Out of around 1500 who attended the test only around 180 were shortlisted 4 interview. The interview was on 4th October. We were intimidated by a mail. We were asked to attend the interview at CTS office, Manyata Tech Park in Bangalore at 2.30 in the afternoon on 4th October. The office is very good. We had our interview at the 9th floor which is basically a cafetaria a part of which was converted into a interview hall. Tell you wat i was amazed by the looks of the company. (dunno how other companies look because this was my maiden visit 2 a s/w company i was very much excited). They gave us ID's which we had 2 wear during our stay in the company till the interview finished. The interview began at around 3pm. 1st one was technical interview. There were about 25 panels.
    My technical interview was not much like a technical one. The interviewer asked HR questions mostly. The only technical question was about my project. And questions like tell me about yourself, why s/w because i'm an Electronis Engineering and questions from my resume(All standard HR questions). Don't fill unnecessary details in the resume just to make it look good and standard, cause if you can't answer questions from your resume you will face problem.
    After this round i was told that i was selected for next round which was HR round(This they will tell to all).
    In the HR round again same questions as the Technical round. The interviewer was a young lady who asked questions from what i had  written in the form during written test. Some may ask you to pick a topic and speak for 2 mins as told by my friends who had other interviewers. So be prepared. 
    I'm still waiting for my result. They have told to wait for a weak for the results. I hope i will clear it which causes me a lot of dilemma now because i'm selected in TCS too. Have got my joining date next month. Still not yet decided. CTS/TCS?

    I request all ppl who have used freshersworld.com, to share there experience in the site because as it helped you (I'm sure it definately did)it may help other ppl searching for job, and they will surely remember you once they are placed(As i do now).

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