CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sathyabama University , Chennai-20 Jun 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sathyabama University , Chennai-20 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    i m praveen kumar saini.. from sathyabama university chennai (computer  Science branch).. cts came to our clg in 1st slot ..on 20 june ..
    Around 1152 has written the appitude out of which 647 cleared the written ...THE MOST IMPORTANT THING "there was the upper cut-off in our college  in written exam "  so better confrim this thing during pre placement talks...

    the pattern for written was same ..3 section
    1. Verbal (it was tooo tough ..dont worry cutt off wil be very low ) - 25 quest 20 min
      -- unseen passage (2)
      -- sentence correction(5)
      --correct sentence(5)(was unable to judge which is wrong or right)
      -- jumbled sentence(5)

    2. Aptitude
    --one cube question like 27 small cube joined 2gther and one row from left is removed and intailly painted in green and after removal painted black
    so find the no of 0,1,2,3 painted differnce b/w balck and green etc(not exact )
    -- other problems (some irrelavnt data will also be given igoner and solve)
     -- binary problem simple one
    over all paper was ok.. try few question from verbal and non verbal rs aggarwal just to hav a feel nothing more .. chance of same question are  very less

    3. Non verbal (most easy and scoring)
    few small -2 question like odd one out , next fig, 1 puzzle etc ..very easy (level is low as compared to rs aggarwal)
    after written we had interview next day.. its all depend on ur panel and luck.. 130 panel came to our clg .. each panel consist of 1 member .. for top 10 direct interview so they hav 2 per panel..
    some panel simply ask simple hr question and some cauasal talk and 2-3 small defination
    but i got the panel which asked me pure technical for 30 min ..

    me ::gud afternoon
    mam:: sit down
    me:: thank u
    mam:: tell few thing abt ur self which u hav not wriiten in personal interview form( given during wriiten)
    me :: blah-2
    mam:: area of interset

    for next 30 min she asked me question from all of the above ..
    in between she asked me
    mam:: what is ftp?
    me::file transfer protocol
    mam:: how does it work?
    me:: work differntly frm http but i dont noe how it works

    i told her that we hav all networkin subject in current sem

    then again she turned to my area of interset
    then project (study carefully)
    then she asked me rdbms referential integrity i rplied mam can u asked from my area of intrest
    then she again went back to my area of intrest ..

    i went for 30 min .but i answered maximum question ..
    next morning wen result came i was among the 330 lucky student selected from our campus by cts..

    so it all depend on ur luck ..and hardwork..and the confidence will come automatically

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