CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   RNSIT, Bangalore-3 Oct 2010

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   RNSIT, Bangalore-3 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    The CTS interview had three rounds:

    1. Written Test
    2. Technical Round
    3. H R Round

    The written test was scheduled at RNSIT, Bangalore on Oct 03, 2010. My slot was at 4pm but as there were free slots, my test was conducted by 3.30pm itself. I had gone through all previous papers of CTS test. It was really helpful.

    The test was conducted by Merittrac. Then I got mail that I?ve cleared written test. My technical round was on
    17th Oct, it went well. The CTS interviewers are very cool and helping. They tried students to comfort by first asking where abouts of students and threw technical questions.

    The same day HR round was conducted.

    I  Went thru all previous papers, candidate experiences which helped me to prepare mentally, and get used to the paper pattern. But when I wrote the test, the pattern was changed! There were no questions on Quantitative Aptitude!! Only verbal & non verbal reasoning questions were there, which included 2 lengthy passages! (1 full page length passage).

    When you are writing the test, first make sure you answer the questions which are easy. Then try on difficult one. Don?t leave passages as they usually questions with carry 10 marks. But you can attempt passages at the end, as reading them takes time.

    A. I did not get tensed at any point of the interview. Calmness of mind is very important during the interview. More than that, alertness of mind matters a lot, as we tend to make silly mistakes just because of lack of alertness.

    When you are attempting written test, make sure you score maximum marks. Give attention to written communication skills, as they?d given us a form to fill, in which there are columns like why cognizant, key skills to work in software domain etc.

    * Preparedness is very important. Don?t give up till last minute.

    * Do work on your communication skills if you are little weak in it.

    * Prepare well for technical round. Go through Programming Languages.

    * Make sure you prepare to answer questions that are based on the content you put in your resume.

    * Be confident. Confidence matters a lot in interview.

    * Last but not the least, ?Believe in your strengths?.

    All the best.

    The experiences of candidates put in freshersworld, who attended CTS interview helped me a lot. Thanks for them.

    The placement papers in freshersworld were of immense help. Infact, it is the main preparation material  that I've used.

    Thank you,
    Pavithra Gokhale.

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