CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Pune-10 Mar 2010

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Pune-10 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    CTS Paper Based on latest pattern.

    1. Analytical: 30 questions (30 min)

    2. Verbal: 20 questions (20min)
    And no negative marking for both the sections and 
    those papers are given by Merit trac solutions.

    Important Note: 

    Firstly attempt those question that you can solve easily and you are sure for it as mertic trac sometime take accuracy into consideration while selecting the candidates you may clear the cut off but if your accuracy is low then there are some chances of not getting selected but dont worry there are plenty of questions that you can do very easily and time is 50 min in which you will be able to only do those question which you know. So don't worry

    Analytical section: consists of questions from:

    1) Statement & conclusions
    Eg: All cats are dogs
         Some dogs are pigs
    level: Very easy

    2) Logical connectives
    Eg: If leo laughs, then somebody shouts at him these questions are of type. If P then Q
    level: Easy
    Do revise all of them there were about 7-8 questions on this.

    3) Figure completion:
    a) Identifying the next figure in series.
    b) Spotting the error in figure.
    level: Very easy
    can be easily identified

    4) 1 questions in which a table was given with some data(DI type questions)
    then there were 5 questions based on it was a bit difficult.

    5) Some question on coding & decoding
    there were 4-5 questions on it and they were of intermediate level

    Verbal section:
    1) It consisted of 2 passages with 5 questions each total of 10 questions, questions one was very easy
    2nd was of intermediate level.

    2) 5 questions on
    Finding which part of the sentence contains error easy one's

    5 questions on
    Finding the incorrect sentence among the given 5 sentences
    easy one's

    Paper was very easy, I got selected in the paper and my interview is on 16th Oct 2010.

    Best of luck Guys.

    Do prepare all the above topics as only these topics are there in the paper.

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