CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-19 Mar 2008

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-19 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai, I am an ECE student.CTS came to our college. This is what happened here.
    the first round consists of three parts
    3)Logical reasoning

    The question pattern is same for all the colleges. So don't worry. Take care about the time duration. I couldn't complete the first two parts in time. But you can do the third one in no time. Verbal was little tough then we expected. they short listed 393 students out of 600 attended.
    Then we entered into second round.
    It comprises of both HR and Technical.
    I: Good morning Sir.
    Interviewer: Good morning. Take your seat.
    I: thank you sir.
    Interviewer: tell about yourself(I explained about me with the reason why chose the branch and why I chose the college and all the things I believe good with me)
    Interviewer asked me in between about my cousin I mentioned by whom I chose the college.
    I mentioned Microprocessor and Digital Signal Processing as my favourite subjects.
    Interviewer asked me about me the following questions
    what is microprocessor?
    what is micro controller?
    what is a buffer?
    what is an interrupt?
    what are maskable interrupt and what are non maskable?
    what difference between 8085 and 8086?
    what is a flip flop?
    how do you convert a JK FF into T and D flip flop?
    then he asked me 3 questions  about my project .

    Then asked me to show my mark sheets.
    Then he asked to show BEC certificate I was awarded by Cambridge University
    he asked what is the latest trend in IT.I told about IT and also the latest advancement in my area of interest
    Fortunately I answered all of the technical questions clearly to satisfy him. later he if there any questions for him .I asked one question. At last I thanked him and came out.I was selected.

    Here are my tips whoever going to attend CTS .
    1)beware of the parts of apptitude round .what type of questions will be asked?
    2)Its enough to go through some apptitude questions in freshers world.com
    3)Know what are the latest trends in IT and also in in your field of interest.
    4)Know about hot news worldwide and also in India.
    5)Know the names of the ministers of India and also PM's and Presidents of World nations
    6)know some top organisations CEOs and also their founder.
    7) Be cautious of your area of interest and also if you can some C concepts.
    8)If you are a computer tream student then know about DBMS.Its very important.
    9)Be confident .And don't tell extra things that you don't know. It may caught you in trouble. Be truthfull.
    10)Be prepared with the Hobbies you mentioned in your resume.
    11)Ask some questions to interviewer at the end
    ex what are languages (like C) I  need to learn before joining your company to cope with other people?
    What are the ways I can continue my Extra curricular activities there like singing and dancing?
    Don't ask them like how do you rate me? about the salary ?
    12)tell them you are ready to work anywhere .Don't confine to particular place or state or country which they dont like.
    13)Don't get tense because the interviewer will a cool and always smiling person.

    don't the things complicated yourself.
    Be cooooooooooooooool...............

    hope we meet in CTS with your friends.



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