CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-02 Mar 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-02 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hello friends....
    Yesterday (3rd march) Cognizant came at our campus. and I am selected...yooo
     I wish to share my experience with u ...  coz some of these info (obtained from this freshersworld.com) helped me a lot..
    There is no -ve marking in each se

    Written Test of CTS comprises of three section
    1. English (Verbal Section) [20MINS-25 QUESTIONS
    # Find correct sentence (2Q) 4 options were given there...
    # Two Comprehension Passage
    Vry lengthy i didn?t get time to read the 2nd passage, 1st passage was on a comparative study of India and China in the field of GSM & cdma mobile service and landline phone facility.. thr was a lt of information.. thr was 4 statements like i),ii),iii),iv) and options were lkN a) i,iii  b) i,iv  c) iii d)ii,iii
    soo u kno it was a bit tough to match 2 stms....
    # Arranging the jumbled sentence (5 qts)
    # Find out correct sentence( 2/3 qts)
    First of all manage your time well and don?t neglect any of the sections. this is a vital section

    2. Analytical section (30 min 25 qts)
    # 3 qts on venn diagram [like 4 students kno hindi,math,eng; 6 knows Hindi & english ..  jus follow RS Agarwal] easy on
    # DS problems (5/6)
    # Cube problem ...   xpected one 343 cube all corner cubes are removed ...then painted black
    qts like ....   how many of those dont have any painted face ...
    # dec-bin
    like $$$$**$*$ + $*S**  = ?     4 opts ws thr
    #  clock A gains 5 mins in 12 hrs
    clock  B loses 8 mins in 36 hrs
    qts like    they were set at noon tuesday.. whn the difference btw them will be 15 min( hey frndz i cant remember the xact values...   the qts was jus like this...diffn data)

    3. Logical section(20 qts
    #logic(7/8 qts) [all,some type]
    #picture analogy like     pic1:pic2 :: pic3:?
    there was 4 pic in options
    easy part
    # choose the odd pic series
    # a small puzzle.. a bit tough

    Only english(verbal) was really tough .. specially for beng medium students...  do this section as fast as possible.. and i suggest don try to read two passages fully..its really time consumin

    Tech + HR interview
    The HR person who had taken this... was xtremly friendly
    in the data sheet i mentioned (in software orientation field)  c,c++,data structure
    [prepared for dbms...  but wanted to stay in safe side..lolz]
    all qts were from C++ ( i also wanted this )
    abot 35-40 mins...   Ohhh

    Technical qts
    diffn btw C and C++
    define procedural language
    OOPs features
    define Polymorphism
    overloading and overriding .. differentiate thm
    copy constructor[he wanted some implementation .. i jus wrote few code to xpalin that]
    difference btw copy constructor and assignment operator
    wht is object slicing ?
    wht is malloc ?
    output ..like   while(6){printf("Hello");}
     if(6){ printf("Hello");}
    wht is virtual funtion ?...

    HR qts
    why do u like IT field ?
    what are the qualities a software engn shd have ?
    what are the qualities a leader shd have ?
    what are the qualities u have ?
    why do u want to join Cognizant ?
    hat u have noticed at the time of ppt ? [i said about statistics ,and the communication style of the HR person,, bcoz tht HR guy who had given ppt .. came and sat jus beside him .... [:)]  ]
    what u have heard about COGNIZANT ?

    if u get  offer from TCS and  INFY with COGNIZANT ( wow )... whr will u join..? jus ans..   ofcource COGNIZNT[then he said.. be honest manas..   i still said that ..nd that was really true ..ofcourse]
    do u collect information about latest technlogy ?
    stammered.. and said yes ..
    he at once asked what is the source of those info?
     I said .. paper, net(!!!)
    do u visit different company's website ? i said..jus during the last 15 days .. he smiled..
    wished me best of luck..
    and asked whether i have any qts ?
    i asked him about the term .... ?offshore development...?   he explained ...  but i dint follow his ans...[who cares ??] .[I  previously hv gt the meanin of the term ?lolz ]

    okk .. thank u.. i said that to  I think, this info will help at least some of you aspirants. [just be positive..]

    BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU...Specially for 10th,12th(St?) and all those dates ..u kno


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