CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I would also like to share my moment of happiness that I have been selected for Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) through their off-campus recruitment for Freshers. I applied online in their website www.cognizant.com/campus in July.

    Finally I got the Hall Ticket. The Aptitude Test was on Jan 29, 2006 at Santhome Hr. Sec. School in Chennai at 9AM. I took the test and we had 40 questions to answer in 1hr, each correct answer carrying 1 mark, unanswered ones carrying 0 mark and each wrong answer carry -0.25 mark. I tried to solve the questions from 1 to 40 but the very first question [in maths] started  absorbing some time so I switched my plan to start from the 40th. Its good to start from the last question or from the English questions, which takes less time comparatively, finish English first and go for easy, understandable and straightforward maths questions. This is the idea I can suggest to gain marks and time. I was satisfied with the performance and the next day evening after 6.30PM we had the list of short-listed candidates available on CTS website.

    Around 700-750 got listed.

    I had Tech interview on Jan 31, 2006 at CTS Navalur. As soon as we entered we were asked to fill the application form. The details to be filled in the form were your personal info, your semester wise marks and percentage from 10th to UG or PG.
    - Total no. of arrears
    - Areas of interest
    - Why you like to join CTS
    - Qualities to be a good SW professional and the qualities that you posses
    - Your hobbies
    - Your greatness and weakness.

    There were around 20 interview panels and some panels had 2 interviewers and some had 1. The interview was 100% technical and generally the first half of the interview session would be purely from your Final Semester Project. Be thorough with your projects when you go for the Tech Interview - take your project report without fail. Try to say what is the most innovative and important feature of this project. The interviewer drilled me with different questions, I was able to convince him very well and had accepted the mistakes that I committed in my project. The next half of the session would deal with questions on your area of interest. I wrote OOPS, C++ and Data Structures - Most of the questions were from the area that we have written and one or two general questions from other concepts, but be thorough with the areas of interest
    that you have mentioned on the application. Be cool and don't worry if you are relaxed all the questions are straightforward. They checked my mark sheets before I left. Got the result of the tech interview thru email, you would get the mail surely even if you have not cleared.

    I got the mail on Feb 8, 2006 saying that I have cleared the Tech interview and have HR interview on Feb 11, 2006 at CTS - Cathedral Road. I was told to bring all my Mark sheets and degree certificates from 10th to PG. Basically they look into your communication aspect in the HR. Everyone had different questions so no need to worry. One common question they asked was about the family and what are you currently doing. I was working for a Call Center and I told that and they asked me who was the client am working for and the pay I was getting in that Call Center. The interview was quite easy, be careful that you fill-in the same marks everywhere and please be true with the number of arrears, don't worry I had two arrears in my PG and still I was selected.

    I got my confirmation e-mail that I have been selected and I was asked to join on Feb 17, 2006. So friends don't worry if you get a call for the Aptitude test from CTS. I completed in May 2005 and I was waiting for a suitable break for so many months so keep trying and God would surely help.

    For me, personally I do not want to name the companies, but I had to go thru around 30-35 companies before I got selected in CTS. There will be some  company to pick you and lets not loose hope. It's quite tough to live without a job and I lived with it and just to get rid of that mind block I joined a Call Center, which helped me to a certain level.

    This is my complete experience and I know that you can have all the CTS papers from the website. I have the same set of papers that is available on the
    website and I just practiced those papers. I also made use of Objective Arithmetics by R S Agarwal. I feel every student and freshers should own this book, it's a useful book to clear so many aptitude tests not only for IT but also for any job.


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