CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MLR Engineering College, Hyderabad-16 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MLR Engineering College, Hyderabad-16 Jan 2011

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends,

    I would like to share my interview experiance in Cognizant. 
    Myself Ramana Reddy MCA-2010, I appeared for CTS Off campus recruitment on 16th Janunary, MLR Engineering College, Hyderabad. The Aptitude paper was little bit easy and little bit hard.
    Total question: 55
    Total marks: 55  

    No negative mark, but sectional cut-off is there.

    The exam consists of two sections.

    1) Analytical Pattern:

    Figure sequence  (very easy)

    * Syllogims  (easy)
    * Puzzle test (easy but time taken take care about time here)
    * Coding decoding (very easy no preparation required)
    * Data interpretation  (Difficult)
    * Data sufficiency  (logical thinking apply here)

    * First complete  coding, decoding, fig sequence and then follow remaining.

     Note: In this section we have to secure min 16 marks for qualifying, otherwise may be disqualified.

     2) English:

    Two passages (one easy, one difficult) (10 marks).
    Sentence formation (5 marks).

    Pick Correct,  Incorrect sentences from a list.

    Note: In this section we have to secure min 12 marks for qualifying, otherwise disqualified.
    After 30 mins they collect the first section paper (analytical) and give second section paper(English).
    First section kills time, you can't even study the whole paper unless you are quick enough results will be with in one day. I got the mail from Cognizant on that day at 11pm.

    My technical and HR on Jan-18th at 8.30am in CTS company, VBIT park, Madhapur.

    Technical round:

    Totally 30 panels were there for technical interview.
    Don't call like CTS, try to call it Cognizant at each and every time.

    Me : Excuse me sir.
    Int : Yes

    Me : Good Morning Sir.
    Int : Very good morning, take a seat.

    Me :Thank you sir.
    Int : So, Ramanareddy tell me some thing about you from your schooling to college life
    Me : Told
    Int : Tell me something about your project?
    Me : Told

    Int : What is your role in the project? (this Q was very imp and common Q for everybody) 
    Me : Told

    Int : So, you are came from Andhra University
    Me : Yes, sir.

    Int : What is topology?
    Me : Told

    Int : What is AI (Artificial Intilgence)?
    Me : Sorry I did?t recall right now.

    Me : At that time I requested sir please ask me Q?s on C, C++, Java, SQL, DS, I am strong in technical wise.
    Int : Ok, write a program on arithmetic exception?
    Me : Blah blah.

    Int : Write a program on Double LinkedList?
    Me : Blah blah.

    Int : Write a program for Selection Sort?
    Me : Blah blah.

    Int : Ok, good, what is Normalization?
    Me : Told upto 3rd Normal form only and told to him, sir I don?t know about remaining forms.

    Int : Ok, take 3 tables and do the normalization.
    Me : I completed this task fastly (on emp, dept, location).

    Int : Can you write 'where' clause in 'group' By function?
    Me : No sir, we have to use 'having' instead of 'where'

    Int : Tell me about your family?
    Me : Told

    Int : You have any questions?
    Me : Sir, you didn't terminate atleast one employee from  our company at the ressision time, how did you faced this difficulty complexity problem with effectively .

    Int : Told

    Int : Ok, Ramanareddy all the best, wait outside for sometime.
    Me : Thank you sir.

    Within 5 min one employee  came and told to me. You have qualified in 'Technical round' and wait 5 more mins for HR round.

    HR round:

    Me : Excuse me sir,
    Int : Yes, take your seat.

    Me : Thank you sir, good morning sir.

    Int : Tell me something about ur project?
    Me : Again told.

    Int : Tell me something about you?
    Me : Told

    Int : Tell me what u r doing in free time?
    Me : Told

    Int : He saw my OMR sheet and asked me, did you clear all the subjects from schooling to PG?
    Me : Yes sir

    Int : Show your original marks memos.
    Me : I showed to him. 
    He watched my marks memos for 5-10 mins

    Int : Ok you can leave now, If you have qualified we will mail back to you later.
    Me : Thank you sir.

    On 20th at 9.15 pm I got mail from CTS, wow I got job in CTS. Now I am CTS family, my joining date is Jan-27th in Hyderabad.

    Ok, prepare well and Best Of Luck.

    I hope to see you in our Cognizant family.

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