CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   KSR College Of Engineering Tiruchengode-24 Sep 2010

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   KSR College Of Engineering Tiruchengode-24 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    CTS Pattern & Interview: September 24, 2010.

    Hi  Friends, This is Venkata Rajesh.G (ECE) from Sri Vasavi Engineering College, Tadepalligudem West Godavari.
    Venue: St Xavier Junior college Secunderabad.
    Organised by: Cognizant off-campus
    Appeared: 3500

    Aptitude: 1124 ? 214.

    HR/Technical: 214 -132

    Hi Guys! You would be happy to learn that I've been got into Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS). I have immense pleasure to share my interview experience and also my CTS seniors comments with yours.

    Totally the selection process consists of two rounds.
    (i) Written
    (ii) Interview (HR + Technical)

    (i) Written test contains  two  sections
    Total  Questions:  30 + 25 = 55 Q
    Time limit:  30 + 20 =  50 mins
    1. Analytical section (30 Questions - 30 mins)
    2. Verbal section (25 Questions - 20 mins)

    Verbal and Non-verbal was very easy. Only problem is the time constraint, so a little  bit of practicing before exams help.

    Paper pattern:
    1. Analytical  section (30 Q's - 30 mins)
    (This section is very easy, but mind the time)
    Logical Connectives
    Find the odd figure out

    Find  out the figure which has same problems as in the given figure. i.e., On Picture Oddman  to  given  Picture based questions. A  figure  with some difference  is given with 5 optional figures. We have to find out the figure in tat option which is similar to given  figure.

    Data Sufficiency    
    Data Interpretation
    (A table which  shows the population ranges from 2001 to 2009 of various states in India was  given). The  Questions like.
    What is the average population density in  assam? Which  states  have same population  in the  year 2006, etc.

    2. Verbal section (25 Q's - 20 mins)           
    (The no. of questions on each topic in each section may vary)
    5 on Finding the Correct Sentences.
    5 on Finding the the incorrect Sentences.
    5 on Arranging the Jumbled Sentences.
    2 Reading Comprehensions with 5 Questions in Each (Other than comprehension, this section is quite easy). Comprehension (Please don't attend these first, these are long passages and difficult to attend) (Best option will be B or C). For us There was no -ve marking. So try  to  get  all the questions.

    Before appearing for Written test we have to fill up the below form format. Some Questions are listed below.

    1. Name.
    2. Gender
    3. Current address:
    Pin code:
    Mbile no:
    Permanent address.
    5. E-mail
    6. Nationality
    7. Academic details (10th %, 12th or diploma%)
    8. Each Semester percentage and year of passing.
    9. Have you cleared all your arrears (backlogs)?
    10. Do you have any standing arrears (presently do you have any backlogs)?
    11. Software orientation:
    12. Extra curricular, Hobbies and Interests.
    13. Strengths and weakness.
    14. Expectations from cognizant.
    15. Your short term plan and long term plan with CTS.
    16. What are the qualities a software.

    Professional need to excel in his field? (Please prepare for these questions, the answers which you have written for these questions may be asked in the interview, and this will reflect your attitude and your verbal knowledge)

    Believe in God give your best.

    All the best don't lose hope. Just keep trying don't worry for others commends and what they say. They will never come along with you in your life. 

    All the very Best guys.

    For further details please contact. venkatrajesh.gelli@gmail.com

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