CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Jadavpur University-03 Apr 2008

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Jadavpur University-03 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi.....i am KRIPABANDHU GHOSH  in MCA 2nd year 2nd semester, JU.I got placed in CTS by placement program conducted by Jadavpur University . First I convey my heart-felt thanks to this fresher?s world which has been  the key for my success.
    The selection process consists of two rounds
    (1) Written test
    (2) Technical + HR round

    Written test consists of three sections 
    ANALTICAL SECTION (25 questions-30min) 
    Questions on sitting arrangements.
    Questions on data sufficiency.
    (16-20) binary conversion
    Please don?t read anything in the question. Just change any value to binary and convert that 1 to $ and 0 to *.

    VERBAL SECTION (25 questions-25min)
    (1-10) comprehension (passages r too long)
    (11-15) find the incorrect sentences
    (16-20) find the correct sentences
    (21-25) arrange the jumbled sentences
    This is a quiet tough section. Just make guesses. Mark option B or C.

    NON VERBAL SECTION (20 questions-20 min)  
    (1-4) syllogism (study all rules in the aggarwal book but TIME book will help u a lot)
    (Eg) All mosquitoes? are lizards.
    All lizards are insects.
    (Ans: all mosquitoes? are insects)
    (5-6) logical deduction (study all rules from TIME book)
    (7-15) figure sequence and odd one out from figures (very easy)
    (16-17) Seating arrangement
    (18-20) logical puzzle
    Totally about 1200 took the written test. 690 were listed for interview. My name was one of them.

    My interview lasted for hardly 20 mins. The interviewer was a sweet-tempered and very cooperative young lady. I felt perfectly comfortable talking to her. I started with  ?Good evening Ma?am? and took my seat on being asked to do so. I was asked simple questions on pointers and strings. Then  she asked me to give a real life example of class and objects. She looked impressed by my answer. Then asked about my favourite sports and sports-person. The I was asked about my co-curricular activities. Finally came the question-why CTS? Be confident and make your homework properly.

    Out of 690 who gave interview 404 were placed. I was one of them.
    If you have a good academic record you have good chances of getting selected.
    Bye and best of luck!!!

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