CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IIIT Hubli-28 Sep 2010

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IIIT Hubli-28 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,
    This is Ankur dubey i got selected in CTS on 29-04-2010 in IIIT Hubli. I'm the student of Guru  Nanak Dev Engineering college Bidar.

    * Test contains 2 sections:
     1. Analytical thinking: 30 questions in 30 minutes
     2. English: 20 questions in 25 minutes
    * No negative marking.
    1. Analytical:
    It contains questions on  to find odd figure, decoding and encoding, arrange the sentences, statements and conclusions, assumptions(Ex: All cats are dogs, some dogs are students like this 3-4 questions)

    2. English:
    It contains questions on 2 passages each having 5 questions
    To find correct statements.
    To find incorrect statements.
    Out of 500 students 200 students cleared the test my god i'm 1 among them.

    * Next was communication checking round. it was just like HR round.

    This round was completely checks your fluency in English and your sentence formation.
    I enterd the room
    Inteviewer: Hello Mr. Ankur Dubey

    Me: I replied.
    Inteviewer: Introduce yourself
    Me: I Replied
    Interviewer: Why from pune to Hubli.? and how you came to know bout dis drive?
    Me: I Replied
    Interviewer: Asked me somthng related to my resume (Extra curricular activites)
    Me: I replied. Stoppd me in between and said Mr Ankur you can wait outside.
    Then another HR came to me and said Mr. Ankur you are through vid this round.

    Next was my Technical interview.
    Again i enterd the room
    Interview: Hi Ankur. Tell me some bout your qualification and about your project.
    Me: I Replied.
    Interviewer: What is Normalization.
    Me: I Replied.
    Interviewer: What is call by value and call by refrence?
    Me: I replied
    Interviewer: Do you know unix command.
    Me: I said Yes
    I nterviewer: Write down any of the two command and tell me how to count the number of words from the particular file.
    Me: I Relied correctly.
    Interviewer: What is the difference between Functions and Macros?
    Me: I replied correctly.
    Intreviewer: I said my done any question from your side.
    Me: I asked one.
    Again he said wait outside.
    One HR came to me and said hi Ankur you are shortlisted congrates.
    Totaly 16 studends got selected.
    I was so happy at that time and thanks to god for being with me all the time.

    I hope my experience will help you out. Best of luck.         

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