CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   iem,kolkata-20 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   iem,kolkata-20 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    At first the cognizant people came to the college,gave the pre placement talk.Then started the aptitude exam.

    There was two part in the paper ----1st part is Verbal and 2nd part is Analytical.

    Question was not so easy.You should practice properly specially the verbal part.

    322 selected from 340 in the aptitude test .


    After a long wait my name was called for the interview.I was lil' bit tensed because that was the 1st interview in my life.Hopefully my HR was a very good person after entering in the interview room-HR:Sit downme:thank you sir.HR:He asked for the CV and look it properly.asked some common question from CV about hobby,achievements

    me: answered properly
    HR:Then he asked except this(which was written in my hobby) what can u do?
    me: bla bla
    HR:which is your preferable language
    HR:what are the properties of oops
    HR:gave me a situation about inheritence (cat and dog has some properties,implement this in inheritence) and then he asked me to write the code
    me:properly done
    HR:what is polymorphism?then overloading,overriding,run time polymorphism
    HR:then he asked do u know non linear datastructure?
    me:told  about tree,different types of trees
    HR:asked about level,height,node,edge,b tree,b+ tree
    HR:told me to do a quick sort of some no.s
    me:I just told the algorithm,i didn't do the sorting.
    HR:what is the best and worst case of bubble sort
    me:told ,he looked satisfied
    HR:Tell me something about your project
    HR:so at the back end u r going to use dbms?
    HR:what is candidate key,unique key?
    HR:give me a table asked me to write a query (it was pretty tough)
    me:I wrote a code and show him
    HR:This is not my question told the question properly
    me:again write the code and show him ,he looked satisfied
    HR:then he asked me why cognizant?
    me: told
    HR:r u rellocating?
    HR:souvik,do u have any query about cognizant?
    me:asked 4 questions(prepare some questions)
    HR:gave the answers.
    Don't be nervous.Whatever comes in your mind just tell,don't miss a single question.Almost every HR is a nice person.
    Always use cognizant,don't use CTS.
    I'm selected for cognizant.
    I'm going to join in the next year.

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