CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Govt. College Of Engg & Leather Tech, Kolkata-18 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Govt. College Of Engg & Leather Tech, Kolkata-18 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is Shyamananda Sarkar from GCELT. Cognizant visited our college on 19th January. With us there was GCECT also to sit for the selection procedure. I gonna share my experience with you.
    Firstly, we were told to come college within 8:30 am. As registration purpose. Then after waiting for about 30-35 minutes it was the time for PPT which was given by a HR of CTS, I don't know who he was but atleast not Nilangsu Ghosal.
    Any way he told about the company bla..bla...bla.
    After about 45-50 minutes of PPT our main selection procedure started.
    It was consisted of 2 parts:
    1) Aptitude Test
    2) Technical+HR Interview.

    1) The aptitude section was of 2 sections.

    a) Logical reasoning: 30 marks, questions were very easy, just need to practice little bit from R.S Aggarwal and the foremost needy thing is to be cool and try to solve as soon as possible.
    There was no quantitive part.
    b) Verval: Two passage one was very easy and another one was long but if you can manage time for all other part you'll surely be able to answer the questions from that passage.

    Cut-off was about around 30-35 % in English and 50 % for logical.
    Any way total around 180-185 students sat for the exam.
    From that 57 GCELT and 45 GCECT students were selected for the next round. Any way there were 10 panels and I was selected for 6th panel and my interview time was 2:50 pm any way I was very tensed but ultimately around 5:10pm I was called for interview.
    The person who take my interview was a non-bengali and very cool and was in fancy mood.

    My interview was like the following.
    Me: Good Afternoon sir.
    Int: Good Afternoon. pls have a sit.
    Me: Thank you sir.
    Int: So, sarkar, will you be able work in Mumbai?
    Me: (I was totally shocked, for this question, that too at the very beginning) offcourse sir, I can adjust any where in the world, after all I'm going to join a MNC. 
    Int: Ok, so Sarkar tum bara sarkar yeah chhota sarkar?
    Me: (I thought if I ans in Hindi or any others language rathar than English I may not get chance) no sir, my name only just sarkar and I'm also not like that. I also about the history of our title but a very few.
    Int: (He smiled) so who changed surname?
    Me: Told
    Int: What does you father do?
    Me: Told
    Int: Where do u father and grandfather live?

    Int: What do you in computer domain.
    Me: I told Java and Dbms
    (but I surprised he didn't ask me not even a single question from Java)
    Int: Do you know C?
    Me: Yes sir.
    Int: So write a simple C code for the output of (a-b)^2. I was so lucky to have this.
    Me: I did it promptly.
    Int: Then he gave me to write the sql query for joining two table as directed by him.
    Me: I also did it
    Int: Very good.
    Then he asked what are you doing in 4th year project.

    Me: Told
    Int: Then he asked will u be able to work in testing dept. from the very beginning?
    Me: Told bla...bla..

    Then he told that's all have you any question?
    I asked about the Cognizant 2.0
    He told.

    Then I also asked about the mission Cognizant do for orphans in India.
    He told.
    That was all of my interview.

    It was around 15 minutes.
    The result was declared on the next day. I got selected, thank God. it was really impossible for me to crack without my parents, elder sister and as well as my near and dear friends of school and college. I will be always with them.

    Totaly 63 got selected. 31 from our college and 32 from ceramic.

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