CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   D.Y.Patil Engg Collage,Kolhapur-29 Aug 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   D.Y.Patil Engg Collage,Kolhapur-29 Aug 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


     CTS paper ON 29th AUGUST 2006 AT KOLHAPUR

    Hy freinds,
    . I was just appeared for campus interview of "CTS" .It was very good experience for me.
    There was a open campus which held at D.Y.Patil Collage Of Engg.,Kolhapur.
    Total 468 students from 10 different collages appeared for CTS.There was  basic triteria to appear for apptitude test that is SSC and HSC 60% and Engg. Agreegate  60%.Triteria for MCA student was different which i don't know.
    Firstly company gave us presentation and then they sent us to different class room.Then  MeritTrac People gave us instruction Sheet and The OMR sheet.Please read the instructions carefully it will help you a lot.Then You will have to fill some information infact a lot.I filled whole of my resume into that OMR sheet.
    Please remember all the Semester Percentages and have them calculated on a sheet of paper.Have your Resume and a Photograph with you they will be pinned to your OMR sheet.So take an EXTRA RESUME.
    Questions in the OMR SHEET:
    Date Of Birth:
    Permanent Address:
    Email ID:
    10th Percentage
    12th Percentage

    Semester wise percentage
    Agreggate perecentage
    Computer skills
    Yours Strengths and Weakness
    Your Hobbies

    Any backlog etc.
    Then they gave question paper one by one because there were three section which given below:
    1. Verbal
    2. Analytical
    3. Reasoning
    My Queston booklet nor was 39400
    1. Verbal(20 Min)(25 ques)
    It basically consisted of 2 passages both were long. and que based on it. 5 questions like select the correct sentence from 5 choices given(there can be more than one sentences like both a& b, a alone, both b&c and so on). Then comes choose the incorrect sentence, then there is also things like rearrange the sentence for form a paragraph.
                                        Fiends one thing i want to say you that please do more practise for english,Because there were more question in less time.
                                        Frnds Rembr this is important first do the grammar part and then go for the passage or else a lot of time will be lost. Try to do better in this session because I thing there is no separate cut off and the next session was a bit tough for me. I couldn?t go through one passage.
    2.Analytical  reasoning (30 Min)(25 ques)
    This one was a bit tough it consist of 5 question form cubes,5 like icecream just as some people eat choclate some vanilla some straberry and question is asked on this.There were 5 question on binary which as follow:
    Eg1: 1 is represented by $ and 0 by # I think so and some conditions are given like after some operations it shifts right or left or so on and five questions are based on it, addition,LCM,etc
    Eg2  A question based on seating arrangement is given like A B C D E F are to be seated in a row of 7 chairs . then some conditions like A and B , C and D should be at same distance and E and should be seated alternatively and the last condition was that E should not be at the left most poison. Five que based on it are given and you have to ans it. The first was the possible way of arranging them( note go though the choice and find the ans coz there are more than one way of arranging ) and there where remaining 4 que don?t rmbr but are easy)

                   3.Mental Ability:(20 min)
    This is the best part where you can score a lot the question are from verbal and non verbal reasoning by RS Agarval . plz refer these chapters
    1.      Data sufficiency (Chap 16)
    2.      logic (session 2 chap 1 ,doing the solved eg is enough)
    3.      choose the odd man out (simple fig are given ,I rmbr the fig of 4 similar face of a man and the difference in it is that one has only one cheek and the remain que was simple circles overdrawn, squares ,pentagons and so on)
    4.      5 general aptitude que which I didn?t answer
    There was 122 student selected from 468.
    Remember there is no negative mark so try you luck,God is with you guys.
                                        No need to go through RS Agarvals Quant Aptitude Just study the verbal and non verbal reasoning of RS Agarval.
    After the result of apptitude i were selected and then next round is interview round there is no gd round.
    Interview session(tech&HR)
    Before interview they checked the mark list that there are no more than 2 supplies
    Me: Good after noon sir.
    HR:Good after noon,Sit down.
    Me: Thank you Sir.
    HR(m): ok tell me about yourself.
    Me : I gave a crisp and confident answer(the man never minded me).
    HR(f):He asked why you are coming to maharstra from rajasthan (because i am from rajasthan)
    Me: I answerd with faith reason.
    HR(m):Draw the diagram of Integrator ckt(because i m from electronics branch) 
    Me : I draw it.
    HR(m):Ok,tell me about some TV channel which you want to see(because i mentioned my hobby as wathing tv)
    Me: Star Plus,star news etc.
    My interview was only for 5 minutes.
    Some question you prepare like
    Why IT field,Why electroncs(if u are from electronics)
    why should we hire you 
    why cognizant
    Position 5 years from now.
    what do you expect from us( don?t say high salary say job satisfaction and promotion)
    how long will you continue in CTS(I said along as I could contribute my entire potential for the development of the company)
    Some of these que are there with the answer paper say only what you have filled in it.
    He also asked my percentage I scored in B.E.
    I waited for the results it was published by 8 pm . I am so happy that atlast I made it and got the offer letter to join as a software trainee the offered 2.5 lack during training and 2.7 after 1 year.
    All the Best for you guys.? Gods always with us?,?coz we deserve the best. Hope we meet at CTS.
    Keshar Jain

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