CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Cognizant, Bantala -20 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Cognizant, Bantala -20 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    The aptitude test consists of two sections:
    1. Analytical 30 questions  
    2. Verbal 25 questions

    Total 55 questions and 60 mins
    There was a CV like paper will be given to fill up. Few basic questions like hobbies, skill, expectations from Cognizant etc.
    Prepare well otherwise you may lose time to complete it.
    Do the analytical section very well try to do it 100% and attempt all as there was no negative markings. The verbal section I felt was very hard. There was 2 big passages, finding correct/incorrect sentences, putting in order of several sentences. After the written I felt I will not be selected. It was held on 15th January, 2011. But I got a mail on 17th Janunary that I have been selected for the Technical Interview.
    I am from Electronics and Communication background but I had a good knowledge in C programming. I have studied C from Let Us C, Data Structure just the basics like link list, tree, Bubble sort, binary search, Electronics ( just basics of semiconductor, op-amp, filters and nothing else), Microprocessor( block diagram, and little theory and previous interview questions on it), study project very well, I am good in Digital Circuit so I revised it once, and little bit of C++ and OOPS concept though I was not so confident on it. Thats all for my Technical Interview.
    I had terrible experience with my HR interview so this time I had prepared for it. Be prepared for questions like Tell me about urself, a story of a recent movies you have seen, why CTS? if you are from non IT CS then why you wanna come to IT sector. I am not telling you the answers then that will become same for all. You can mail me at saptarshid10@gmail.com or call 9749138942 for any help.

    On 21st I had my Interview.
    They picked us from Science city at 9 am in a bus and drove us to Bantala Office. The office is like a palace. Very big and beautiful. I also liked the environment and friendliness ( I have heard from my friends how strict TCS is).
    After waiting for 7 hours my name was called for the Technical interview. There was 32 panels who were taking the interview. If you are lucky enough you can be called early as the name was been called haphazardly. The process was fast enough, not like the other campusing. A Ma'am took my Technical Interview. She was from Non IT CS background so it was like an advantage for me.
    She told me to take a sit. I am just telling you the questions:
    HR: Why you wanna shift from electronics to IT
    HR: Wat if you are not selected?
    HR: Plan for next 6months?
    HR: What you did all this months after passing out?
    I told I like programing so she told me to do any program. I told her to give any program. I told If I am able to do i will do it. Never show overconfidence.
    She gave me to do a string reversal program. I did it very well. She told very good several time. Then she gave me a harder program.
    Its like a string is given Ex: FISHERIES. It will count the no.of occurrence of each vowels and print the vowels encountered from the last long with the no. of occurrence. like E-2, I-2
    I attempted the program. did half correct. Then she told me the logic and it seemed easy. She then asked a CV from me. Asked weather I have any problem to change the location and shifting duties. I said not at all. She told weather I have any question for her or not. Asked. Then I thanked her and left.

    After waiting for about 3 hours my name was called for technical Interview. I don't know why I didn't had to stand in a queue with the others for the HR interview. I was called directly for it. There was again a Ma'am and she was really very nice and frank. She just asked about me and then told me welcome to CTS. Told about the salary pakage and asked me whether i have any problem with relocation and shifting duties.
    Then she shook my hand and i left. The interview seemed just a formality and lasted for 2mins. But there was others who also got rejected in HR interview or kept on hold, or said they will be informed via mail. So be aware and do perform well in Technical Interview and HR round. 
    I would like to thank my parents for there support, God, my friends and last but not the least, One special person who changed my life.
    Never ever Lose hope. Do prepare well from R.S. Aggarwal and keep faith. I have sat for so many IT campusing that I have forgotten the counting but at last  made it. The journey began with the rejection from TCS, then Wipro BPO, Infosys, Accenture (at HR round), TCS (again), Mu sigma and there are others which I have forgotten. But that does not means you are not worthy enough. You just need some luck. Keep patience, Try and Try till you succeed.  

    Best Of Luck!
    If you  have any problem then you can contact me at the no. mentioned above. Thanks   Freshersworld.com

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