CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Chennai-6 Oct 2010

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Chennai-6 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hai Friends,

                 My name is Manoj, Completed my Bachelors in computer science Engineering at J.J College of Engineering and Technology, Trichy. I have attended my aptitude examination on 3rd of October at st.micheal?s academy in adyar. Result have been announced on 4th of October (Monday) evening in CTS website. I have cleared my aptitude examination and shortlisted for the technical round.

    I would like share my Technical and HR interview experience with you all.

    Technical Round:

    For me technical Round took nearly 1 hour 20 minutes. But I was very confident and gave him bold answers. One point of time he told me you are overqualified and also seems overconfident. But I gave a reason that am not overconfident and also very good team worker through my extra-curricular activities.

    My Batch timing was 1.00pm

    Me: Good afternoon sir.
    HR: Good Afternoon. Take your seat.
    Me: Thank you sir.

    HR: Tell me about yourself?

    Me: Told.
    HR: Explain your Project?
    Me: Explained Briefly.

    HR: Explain OOPS Concept?

    Me: Told
    HR: Write program for polymorphism and encapsulation?
    Me: I Wrote and explained
    HR: Good he gave me puzzles
    Me: I have Clearly explained all the puzzles with perfect answers
    HR: Good. You have excellent problem solving ability
    Me: Thank you sir
    HR: He asked me to explain my ?International Journal Paper?
    Me: I gave him perfect explanation
    HR: Excellent. Now tell me about Networking Terminologies
    Me: I Explained
    HR: Write program for inheritance using C++
    Me: Wrote and explained
    HR: Good. All the best and wait for results.
    Me: Thank you sir. Nice meeting You.
    Within 2 mins I got the result that I?m selected. I was very happy and went for my HR round.
    HR Round(Evening 5.50pm)
    Me: Excuse me sir
    HR: Come in
    Me: Shall I take the seat

    HR: Sure

    Me: Thank you sir
    HR: Introduce yourself
    Me: Told

    HR: Great introduced man.

    Me: Thank you sir
    HR: He Appreciated me for my academic performances as well as for my extracurricular activities.
    Me: Thank you sir

    HR: All the best. Wait for the Results until Friday(8th of October) evening

    Me: Okay sir. Thank you sir.

    My result have been announced on Friday. Thank God. I got selected. I?m very happy that am going to be a part of my dream company ?CTS?. Hope my experience help you guys atleast one percent. Be Prepare with Practical Programs and examples. All the Best. See you guys in CTS soon.

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