CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   B.P.Poddr Institute Of Management & Tech,-12 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   B.P.Poddr Institute Of Management & Tech,-12 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is debasis from B.P.Poddr Institute Of Management & Technology. CTS had visited our college on 13th January, 2011. So I'm sharing a bit of my experience with you.
    The events of the day were like this.

    1) A ppt by jonal hr head of CTS at 9 am.
    2) Aptitute test consisting of 35 non verbal questions 35 mins were provided for this part (R.S Agarwal verbal-non verbal book is enough for this one) and 30 verbal questions for which 30 mins were alloted(barrons or R.S.Aggarwal verbal book is good enough. English was a bit tough acording to me. But if you are preparing for CAT then it would not be a matter of concern. You will be given a form to be filled up during this time.
    It contains questions like strenghts & weaknessesYour hobbies, why CTS what qualities you have to join the it industry. Prepare this question before going in the interviewer will be watching all this after the aptitude test 251 people were selected out of . 359 people who sat for the aptitute test. My name was there.
    3) Interview (Technical+HR)
    I entered the interviewing hall at near about 7.30 pm
    Me: Good evening sir, may I have the seat? (manners & showing respect do count a lot over here)
    Int: Yeah, have the seat. (he had an age of 40-45 was quite serious always have a little bit of smile on your face. It shows that you are not nervous.
    Int: So you have done a summer training isn't it?
    Me: Yes sir, I did a training from BSNL on telecommunication and also from microsoft it academy on asp.net
    Int: So what were you taught in your BSNL training?
    Me: We were actually taught about the working of optical fibre will broadband. etc etc
    Int: So what is a broadband?(and he also asked a lot of question regarding this ne)
    Me: I told (although I had little knowledge on this one. But still I told everything I knew about it. Just tell confidently)
    Int: Are you sure? (he always tried to mis guide me. But never move away from your point)
    Me: Yes Sir
    Interviewer: Derive a nor gate using two and gate (This is a confidence-breaker question making "nor" with two "and" is not possible. He just wants to check weather you crumble under pressure or not)

    Me: Initially I told yes. I will try but after 2 mins of trying I told Sorry sir, but I am not able to do this.
    Int: What is the job of "void" in C?
    Me: I told.
    Int: What will occur if we dont write main() in C.
    Me: Compiler error will occur
    Int: What type of compiller error
    Me: Pardon me sir, but I cant remember it right now
    Int: What is function overloading in C?
    Me: Actually this was again a confidence breaker question as beacause function overloading was not there in C. It was in C++ or Java. Which were in our ECE syllabus. But still I told whatever I knew about it.
    Int: Look debasis, your communication skill is very good. But technical knowledge is quite low.
    Me: This was again done to break my confidence. Although I had a avg cgpa was below 7.0 but still I knew that my interview questions correctly.
    Me: May be sir that I am lagging in some technical parts. I can definitely work on them & cope up very quickly. I am no less than any other person over here. I am dying to get into Cognizant.

    Int: Suppose you were in my chair & you had two candidates infront of you. One is technically very sound the other one is potential like you are but technically weak. Whom you would have selected.
    Me: I would have selected both of them
    Int: Ok thank you. Do you have any questions (always ask questions this shows your eagerness to know. But don't ask foolish questions like "how was my interview" this looks unprofesional)
    Me: I asked "how the recent policies of barrack obama will be affecting the Indian it industry"?
    Int: He told, any other question?
    Me: No Sir.
    Int: Thank you. you may leave.
    Me: Thanks a lot sir, have a nice day
    Int: You too.
    Out of 251 candidates who appeared for the interview 179 were selected & my name was there in the list.
    Wish you all the best!
    Hope to see you soon in Cognizant.

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