CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   bppimt -31 Aug 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   bppimt -31 Aug 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    First they will give you the omr sheet,where you will have to fill in the bubbles with necessary information like name,sex,UG marks,X XII marks,history of arrears,address.There was only one questions which needed to be answered in detail "What are the qualities of a software professional and why do you think you are qualified for this interview".

    2 papers were there.
    paper1-analytical.It was just breeze.syllogism,coding decoding,figures,one DI,and one arithmatic reasoning which was so easy even class 4 kids would solve it.

    paper2-verbal ability.2 passages were there which are fit for class 1 kids.u dnt even hav to read the whole passage to give answers.It took 10 seconds to answer 10 passage questions.but next came the jhatka.the sentence rearrangements appeared complicated.I tried to solve it by trying out each option,the one that sounded best I just tickd dat.The paper contained alternating sequence of find correct sentence and find incorrect sentence,so be very careful in reading the instruction.

    The papers had individual cutoff with no negative marking.I guess the cutoff was pretty low coz 340 students cleared out of 387.

    Interview started as soon as the names were declared.There were 28-29 panels in all I guess.
    Guys if you have a CGPA of over 8.5 better prepare for a tough technical interview.
    Mine was a stress interview.

    I was the 8th candidate in my panel.by the time my turn came I had come to know that my interviewer was a shrewd nd tough person,coz one of my frnds returned crying after the interview(she cried 1 litre tears but eventually she got the job!!).

    I went in
    Me:Good evening
    Interviewer:good evening,sit down

    Me: thank you
    Intr:give me your resume and a photograph.

    i gave it

    Intr:so nirvik tell me about yourself
    Me:I told but kept it short and avoided flowery language coz i had come to know that he didnt lyk it.At the end of my answer i told dat "i'm very innovative and currently working on a very innovative project that is personalised bluetooth marketing" coz i wanted to talk about my project.

    Intr:So what is ur project actly??

    Intr:What softwares you are using?

    Intr:Do you know co-related nested subquery?
    Me:I'm not aware of it

    Intr:Dont you kno SQL?
    Me:i know but i'm not aware of co-related nested subquery.

    Intr:what are the important normal forms?
    Me:i explained 1nf,2nf.he stopped me and asked to explain them wid xample

    I drew a table and then normalised it with 1nf

    Intr:(not satisfied) I dnt expect dis kind of xample from CSE students!!ok continue.
    Me:i drew 2nf table .still he didnt lyk it.I tried to xplin 2nf in detail in my own language.

    Intr:What you are telling me is bookish language.dis isnt an academic xam you are appering for an interview.you should have told me "....".He told me the definition of 2nf believe me or not it was straight from NAVATHE (and he asked me not to use bookish language!!)
    den he asked me a qstn from my summer training

    i wrote it down,but he interrupted me in the middle

    Intr:What are the various process management and memory management techniques in OS?
    Me: told the techniques.

    Intr:tell me virtual memory
    Me:i started he interrupted

    Intr:tell me paging
    Me: i started he interrupted

    Inter :what are the oops principle
    Me:told the names

    Inter:xplain them
    Me:I started abstraction.gave the xample of a car and hearing that he started laughing(god knows what was so funny).Then I started with encapsulation,he interrupted me.

    Intr:Do you have any questions?
    Me:Yes sir ofcourse i do have.cognizant performed very well during the last recession.unlike other it companies it maintained its growth rate.so whats the secret.

    Intr:Oo thats an internal story.then he was telling so many things.i wasnt listening.i was nodding my head with a smile.

    Me:hope cognizant will repeat history in the future.

    Int:hope so.

    he extended his hand.I shaked them.
    me :have a nice day.

    I was selected.only four persons were selected from our panel.229 persons were selected.

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