CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Block, Kolkata-3 Oct 2010

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Block, Kolkata-3 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello every1,
    Myself Sanjay kumar choudhary B-tech in CSE from IMPS college of engineering & technology(Malda). I am glad that now i am part of Cognizant family and I am feeling very happy to share my experience with you all.
    It was an off campus drive for freshers 2009/2010 batch.

    Written Venue: Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Block-FA, Salt Lake Sector-III, Kolkata.

    Date: 03/10/2010

    The Merit Track conducted the test. Before the test you have to fill a form. Do it carefully as questions may be arised from here in yo ur technical interview.

    1. Software Orientation:
    2. Hobbies and extra-curricular activities
    3. Strengths and Weakness
    4. Expectation from CTS
    5. Why CTS
    6. Long term and short-term goal with CTS

    My suggestion would be go through R.S Aggarwal verbal & non verbal. That itself is enough to crack the written.

    Time matters a lot here so be very quick while answering the questions, don't waste time over a single question.

    It's better to skip it and move to the other questions and when you get time you can come back to it.

    My Interview:
    The (technical+Hr) was held on 21/10/2010 around 3:30pm at Cognizant, Kolkata. I was really exhausted at that time waiting from morning. 6 panels (approximatly 45mins each). I went inside the hall, Hr was talking wid some one on phone.

    Me: Good Afternoon Sir
    HR: Sit down
    Me: Thank you Sir
    HR: Hand over me your CV and hall ticket
    Me: Done
    HR: (After few minutes)ok Sanjay tell me something about yourself
    Me: Said
    HR: How comfortable are you in C
    Me: I'm very much confident
    HR: Explain call by value & call by reference and write two seperate programs for it.
    Me: Written and explained.
    HR: Asked one question from RDBMS
    Me: Was not able to reply
    HR: What all you know about datastructure?

    Me: Told the basics of stack, queue and linked list with their types
    HR: Can you write a Stack implementation program
    Me: (I was not very much comfortable with it) No sir but im very good in the sorting portion
    HR: Ok then explain the logic of quick sort
    Me: Explained by taking an unsorted array
    HR: Good, can you write a program for bubble sort?
    Me: Yes sir, written(based on the program he asked few questions)
    HR: Can we use while instead of for loop, how? a variable is incremented inside or outside the body of while loop? Whats the need of stdio.h?few more logical questions were asked
    Me: Answered every question correctly
    HR: (very impressed)Good
    HR: Tell me about your project
    Me: Explained my two project which I did in detail.
    HR: Suppose you have to fetch the name of all those persons whose name starts with S from the database table. how will you do it?
    Me: Expalined the concept of pattern matching using % and _ and written the sql query
    HR: Good, ok tell me about your extra curricular activities
    Me: Told me that i was a basket ball player in school and have attended young lions training camp
    HR: (asked about the training camp) Means you are physically very fit?
    Me: (with full confidence)Yes Sir.
    HR: Will you have problem working in shift? Can you work in night shift?
    Me: (Smiling)no prob,I can work in any shift
    HR: Ok Sanjay, it was nice interacting with you(shook hand)
    Me: Thank you sir and have a nice day!

    My interviewer was very very serious and perfect in his work. He just smiled at the end of the interview. My interview went for 45minutes as i was from CSE i had  mostly technical questions.

    All that you have to do is be yourself. Don't fear and be frank. They are very smart people. So never lie answer confidently. You will get through it. Be thorough with everything you put in yo ur resume and yo ur project (project questions were asked in all the panels) at 5.30 they announced the result and my name was in the list.

    Thanks to freshersworld.com and ever1 for their good wishes. Hope my suggestion would be a help for you all.
    All the best, See you at CTS!

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