CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Anand Institute Of Technology, Chennai -21 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Anand Institute Of Technology, Chennai -21 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I just want to share my interview experience alone. On 21nd January, 2011 I cleared the 1st round and the second round is about technical and HR interview which took place on the next day itself.

    This is the conversation took  place between us and the conversation goes like this,
    HR: Good morning, take your seat.
    Me: Good afternoon  sir. ( because the time was exactly 12.10pm)

    HR: I am sorry, Good Afternoon, so where you are coming from?
    Me: Manali, near by Broadway sir.

    HR: When did you started in the morning?
    Me: Around 4.10 pm sir.

    HR: What is your 2nd semester marks?
    Me: We don't have 2nd semester sir, in fact we had non-semester pattern for the 1st year.

    HR: You had appeared as the private candidate in the 10th standard, why?
    Me: I explained why it so.

    HR: What's your father?
    Me: Chief Electrician in Bridge and Roof India Pvt Ltd.

    HR: You don't have history of arrears, are you proud about this?
    Me: Definitely not, in fact I should have done better and I won't get satisfied about my performance even I did well, the reason is that if you get satisfied or saturated, you can't improve yourself and there will be no growth from there onwards, so I won't get satisfied.

    HR: What is important knowledge or marks?
    Me: Undoubtedly knowledge sir, Marks just helped me to enter into this placement program but knowledge alone going to make me as a CTS employee after this interview.

    HR: Good I like your confidence. How will you prepare for the exams or simply how will you study?
    Me: I just compare the studies with my real time applications.
    HR: Say with an example?
    Me: I just explained the difference between streamline flow and turbulent flow of water, with the example of tap-water flowing non-uniformly and uniformly.( Refer 12th physics)

    HR: Lets get into the technical section,  he asked questions about diode, zener diode, ohms-law, rectifiers, logic-gates, something on signals and systems, communication engineering,etc.,
    Me: I answered all the question with examples.

    HR: Tell about yourself?
    Me: I hate repetitive jobs, I am workaholic, I hate the people who are sitting idle in the work office, I just loves to work under pressure, I strongly believe that if a person works under pressure his minds gets stretched to new dimension and it wont come back again and once you handled the pressure situation, the you can handle  any number of situations like that,  I wont satisfy with my performance, I just want to start a fresh day with a fresh task with a fresh challenge, challenges alone help us to bring the real-potentials within us, I plan my work and work my plan, while planning I just acts like the smart worker and while executing the plan I just acts like a hard-worker and on the whole I can play the role of smartest hard worker, I always consider my-self as an under-dog while preparing and I consider myself as a Master while performing.

    HR: If  I asked you to do the same job or the job which you have no interest will you do or not?
    Me: No sir, Job satisfaction is more important for me than anything, suppose if I am doing a job which I have no interest I cant give the best and sure it will reflect in the company's output too, I don't want to act like working and I should deserve to get the salary at the end of the month for the job I did.

    HR: Are you not afraid of me or the interview?
    Me: Are you alien or something indifferent, you are just a person and we just going to have a small conversation and  I am going to say much about me and you are going to just evaluate me and going to decide whether i am good enough to enter into your concern or not.

    HR: What is your ambition?
    Me: I want to become IES( Indian Engineering Service) because I want to serve something or my nation but not now, at the age of 50 before that I need to settle down first for that I am preferring this IT industry.

    HR: Kid I am totally impressed about you, do you want me to declare the result right now?
    Me: No sir, I just want to feel the pressure, so I don't want the results now.

    I just went inside around 12.10  and I returned back at 1.05. The results were published at 7 pm and i got selected
    My tips to crack the Hr interview

    Don't make an impression to the HR that you are in bad need of  a job, don't include your personal things, don't afraid, very important say YES to things which you know and say NO to the things which you don't know and explain everything in detail and make sure that you have spent a long time with the HR

    OK friends, I hope it will help you a lot  for to crack the interview and All the best!  

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