CTS  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   RRS Engg College, Hyderabad -18 Feb 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   RRS Engg College, Hyderabad -18 Feb 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am Mounkia ChowdharyMOUNIKA CHOWDHARY. I have written my cognizant exam on 19-02-2011. Exam is quite tough it has changed its paper that from oct-2010.

    Mainly it consists of two parts one is verbal and other is non-verbal.

    Verbal is bit hard compared to that of non-verbal.

    For verbal refer R.S Aggarwal English book.

    For non-verbal also refer R.S Aggarwal whole questions from that only. When come to sectional cut-off for english 30-35% for 25 marks and fornon-verbal it is 50% for 30 marks.
    And overall cut-off is 25 marks. Please do concentrate on English it is bit tough

    1. English:(total--25 marks cut-off--9)

    a. Two comprehensions(for those refer the papers from freshers world complete pattern papers comprehensions are given from those only) one comprehension is bit tough compaered to other.(dont waste much time here)

    b. Pick out 2 sentences out of 4 sentences which are correct.
    c. Pick out incorrect sentences from correct sentences.
    d. Pick out correct sentences from incorrect sentences.
    e. Jumbled sentences in paragraph wise.(it is tough)

    2. Non-verbal(total--30 marks cut-off--15)
    It consists of
    a. Inferences
    b. Odd figure out
    c. Syllogisms.
    d. Data sufficiency
    e. Data interpretation.
    f. Coding
    g. Figure series
    h. Table it consists of complete % do as soon as possible

    Little bit of hard work is enough. I didn't get my result still I'm eagerly waiting for the result. If I'm then I will follow with tech round.

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