CSC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   DOABA GROUP OF COLLEGES, KHARAR, MOHALI-23 Jun 2010

CSC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   DOABA GROUP OF COLLEGES, KHARAR, MOHALI-23 Jun 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Haii everyvone. I am karan soni Btech CSE 2010 from BEANT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, GURDASPUR. I have been in the recruitment process of CSC at Doaba. In breif i will tell you about the rounds and company as below.......

    About CSC:-- established 1959, among the top 200 companies, annual turnover 17.4$  million, in 90 countries..


    1.   Written test        NO Negative Marking
                           a) Aptitude test (Not so easy Tricky) 40ques 40 mins
                           b)Technical written test (tricky but was the same paper as present in previous papers) 40 min 75 ques

    2.   GD/JAM 
    from some candidates it was GD but i Had to Give JAM in my time.

    3.   Technical interview  BASIC Ques
    4.   HR  vvv easy.....

     ques 1-5 -->> tuff apti ques. The ques are the same pasted on the previos pasted papers only. 1 i solved all othe tukke
    ques 6-8-->> simple venn diag and permutation & combination i solved it and u can also
    ques 9-10-->>Fill in the blanks english Not easy but intermediate
    11-15-->>> antonys and synonym yaar mujhe to ek bi nai ata tha sab tukkeee i think novne can do it.
    16-20-->> simple function ques
    Q  find f(1,2)
    these were easy i solved it yaar vaha dimag chal jata hai

    21-23 from geometry yar this u have to practice from GRE Barron anyvone want send me mail on i have it in pdf form
    24-32 from english
    a)  statement and assumption like in RS Aggarwal Verbal Non Verbal given was little tricky
    b) Comprehension

    33-40 a SUdoku was V V EASy v easy and scoring here

    Technical       this is the same paper as was given in previous papers thanks to GOD it came same and i was well aware of it and did almost all the ques easily. U also go thru prev papers pasted.

    GD/JAM  i Got JAM     my turn came in 3am in morning
        He said INTRODUCE YOURSELF and the in my hobby i mentioned love playing computer games he asked me to explain Counter Strike
    Here they only check ur accent and Comm Skills, Be Confident, fluent and hav good pronounciation
    i was selected

    Technical Interview 
    at time 8am got turm
    he came out to call me and i went in

    goo mo
    goo mo, have seat
    Its long day, Long u waited
    yes sir lon day but enjoy waiting bla bla
    u mentione LINUX. Tell bout it
    me:: Told
    (They mainly asked on resume)
    he: (i wrote PgSql in resume ) Diff bet PgSql and SQL Server
    me: Told
    he: Karan, Wat Data Str u are aware of?
    me: sir Stacks Queues, Somewat linked lists, tree traversals
    (as i didn knew much bout linked lis so he didn ask me guys an gals be truthful if u don know anythin say stat fowadly)
    He:diff bet stack queue, inorder preorder traversal gave me a tree and do traversal of that
    me: did
    he: tell me bout proj
    me: told
    he: tell me PHP (I wrote PHP in Resume) is single or multi threaded
    me:  multi
    he: how the php work fast on LINUX n not in Win??
    me: don know
    he: how u say php multi thread
    me: sir i was guessing (Here i guessed and was caught it was most bad thing in my int but i spoke the truth telling him that. he was a cool man)
    he: know java
    me: no sir
    he: wat r difficulties installung application in Linux rather than in Wind
    me: told
    he:  okk karan any ques
    me: no sir thankyu
    he: okk u wait outside so that i give ur feedbak to hr ...

    ohhhhhhh i was so astonished and happy that i got thru tech  int an was goin for hr i think i spoke the truth an satisfied him with my linux ans and proj explaination.... people juz do watever u write in ur resume thoroly. I really thnk that interviewer he was very cooolllllllllllllll an mde me comfortabl durin int

    my HR int time 9.00
    me: may com in>.. goo mornin
    she: ya,
    policy of company, 2 year bond
    me: yaaaa
    she: ready to work shifts, relocate
    me: yaa
    shhe: how u feelin to get to this round
    me: v good great, no words to xpress, my 1st it mnc int in wich got upto this
    she: so if u got rejected u will be satisfied
    me: No Not At all , I wan to b a winner an I hav given the Best out of me mam.....
    she: V V Good karan
    any ques??

    me: Am I placed mam???
    she: yaaaaa
    me: ouhh my GOD this was one of the happiest moments i came out with the huge smile hugged my frens and went to 35 KFC had a party yeeppppiiiiii

    I wanna tell all the youngsters an those from BCET GSP especially as our college placement cell is a shit...
    Never stop trying, try try again until u succeed, we from bcet only hav the option of OFF Campus placemen an it wwas my 6th Off Campus in  which i got thru a reputed firm.... never loose hope and LUCK ALWAYS MATTERS PEOPLE.
    the people who read this i want to say u all that struggle hard and then win is the real  fruit of success

    Thank you
    See u soon in CSC
    Karan Soni
    Btech CSE

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