CSC  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   vardhaman Engg College, Hyderabad-5 Jun 2010

CSC  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   vardhaman Engg College, Hyderabad-5 Jun 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    hi dear friends,....On 5th June 2010 we had the off campus for CSC in vardhaman engg college through JKC.  The selection procedure includes

    1. Aptitude and Technical written(45 appt + 75 tech )
    2. G.D
    3. Technical Interview
    4. H.R

       For Aptitude and Tech, Going through the latest test papers is more than enough..most of the questions are repeated.

       In G.D (actually itz a type of JAM) we have been asked to talk for 5-10 mins about general topics like "Current education system","IF u r the one day CM", "love marriage or Arranged marriage","20-20 vs ODI"....each candidate was given one topic. most of the elimination was done in this round only..!!

       After G.D we had our Technical interview...where we were asked most of the questions based on our project....interesting subject....DBMS...C...C++...JAVA...etc., all basics questions only..!!

    My tech Interview:

    Me: Good after noon sir
    Sir: very good after noon...b seated
    ME: tnq
    Sir: Can u tell me some thing about ur self
    Me: told(name, college, objective, project done....etc) just try to speak for 1 min..!!
    Sir: well, can u tell me someting abt ur projct
    Me: told
    Sir: Wat are the jsp implicit objects?(project based que)
    Me: told confidently...
    Sir: good (impressed very much)
    and asked some questions like diff b/w servlets and jsp's, What is outer join, diff b/w DBMS and RDBMS, diff b/w interface n abstract class...etc
    Me: told confidently
    Sir: have u done any certification?
    me: no sir
    Sir: y?
    Me: For me certifications are not dat imp sir but practical knowledge is imp
    Sir:  but we need certified people..!!
    Me: If the Org wants me to do so for gettin projets..then for their sake i will do sir but not for me.(satisfied wid my answer)

    and sir asked me to wait for the H.R round.

    this is the final round...and it was nominal...some guys had their h.r round in their technical itself..!! They just asked questions lyk...Y CSC? Relocatable or not??.

    After 3 hours they announced final results....!! Hurray...i am also one the selected candidates..!! Around 1000+ candidates appeared for the first round....400+ cleared written...In G.D 150+ cleared the round. finally 100+ made it to CSC.

    If u can clear Written test...then 75% chances wil b wid u..!! Really thankful to freshersworld. Goin through latest 5-10 placement papers is very imp..!!

    Every one has their tym...Be confident....All the best...!!

    if have any doubtz..mail me at:

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