CSC  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Priyadarshini Engg College,Nellore-24 May 2010

CSC  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Priyadarshini Engg College,Nellore-24 May 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi frnds...this is anil from Priyadarshini college,nellore.i want to share my experience of csc test pattern and technical round information..Its my 3rd attempt...

    there were 4 rounds..
    1)Written test (aptitude+technical)
    2)Jam (just a minute)
    3)Technical Round
    4)HR round.
    1)in written test there were two parts.they are aptitude and technical.coming to the aptitude round its very easy.preparation from R.S agarwal is this round most problems r from permutation and combinations,one puzzle like a square such that the sum of all rows and sum of columns are same say in the given test the sum was 15.
    some of the questions i remembered from aptitude test are

    1)There are 3 piles of books on the table you need to arrange them in the self such that 1st book of each pile gets placed on the self,what is the possible no of arrangements:
    a)12!    b)12C3 * 9C4 c)12^12 d)none

    2)Price of a book increases 15% successively (2times) what is the new price of the book more compared to that of the old price:
    a)32.25%    b)23.34%    c)36%    d)39%

    3)There are 3 mixtures when mixed in the ratio of 3:4:5 price was 240.When mixed with 6:4:9 price was 340.what's the price when mixed in 5:6:8 ration price is_________

    4)One question based on Venn Diagram.75 total no of students.25 don't know typing,50 know shorthand.then question were based on find no of students dont knwing both etc.

    5)One person has 2 child.At least one of them was a girl.Then the Probability that 2 of the are girl is_____
    a)1/2    b)1/4    c)0.36    d)1

    6)Swati when get married to jayanta her age was 3/4 th of her husband's age.After 12 years her age became 5/6 th of her husband's age.Then what's the age of swati when she got married??

    then what's the value of y???
    10)Some questions based on
    if  f(x,0)=x+1

    then find f(1,1),f(2,3),f(3,0) etc and some relations based on this very easy

    11)One question based on the average speed

    12)one question based on Sudoku type very easy,u can do it in one attempt.

    in technical written test,there were c programs for which we have to find the output,microprocessors,operating systems simple bits and dbms simple query based questions...
    finally written test was easy..u can gain more marks in written test.
    coming to jam..they were asked some of the topics like if u r the cm of andrapradesh then what u r going to develop,different temples in ur town,ur town specialities etc..
    In technical round ,interviewer were asked more questions from database,c,my main project modules and data structures.i was explained main project data structures,he asked about sorting techniques..some of the queries from database.
    coming to HR round,there was no much time time to conduct HR so they just gave the forms and told to fill them...
    finally it was my great achievement in my life.......
    frndz be aware of written test and c programs......
    All the best frnds who r going to attend csc placement drive.....Thanq frndz and to freshers world site developers for providing this fecility to share my feelings with all.....Thank you...It's @nil Kum@r.   

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