CSC  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -23 Apr 2010

CSC  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -23 Apr 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    hiii friends,
    csc came on our campus that is CUSAT on 23 rd april with the criteria 60% throughout...about 400+ were eligible.
    There were altogether 5 rounds
    1.Aptitude (written):
    2.Technical (written)
    technical written round was followed by an essay
    3.Communication round
    4.technical interview
    5.HR interview
    each round is an elimination round that means people are rejected in each round.

    1.In the first round that is aptitude ,around 40 question were asked consisting of quants,verbal and di....if u hav prepared for mba exams than no problem at alll.....even if u havent prepared u can prepare for this in one week just go through a standard book ..either time material or r.s.aggarwal.....speed matters here so b careful here....

    Out of 400+ only 100 cleared this round.

    2.Second round is technical written ,question consisting of mostly computer subjects and electronics..for this just go through the paper posted by siddarth -2008.exactly same questions were asked in our case.infact in the question paper it was written 2008 just go through that 75 questions will come....if u kno the answer than u can do it very fast...for answers google search cuz many answers are given wrong in different placemnt papers so u find urself .
    around 80 students were left in this round
    we were told that we had to write an essay also after the when tech written was over a page was provided for essay...they told to use hi fi words and phrases in the essay....
    the essay topics were
    a)role of youth in current environment condition
    b)what do you want to do for the place u come from(justify)
    there was one more topic..i dont remember .I wrote on the environment issue...i could not write much as i was thinking much in using hi fi words..
    before the results came i feared of rejection on the basis of essay but fortunately i got through..i dont kno whether they read the essay or not.
    total left in this round --around 80

    3.The third round i faced was communication round...people were getting either communication round or technical in any order .Both are elimination rounds.
    i was in first batch -a group of 10 people .we were asked to give a short intro of each person and tell ur it was explicitly told not to give a prepared answer.
    try here to tell them something different as ur dey took notice of that and they will ask you about that and u can show ur communication skill.i said i like to learn new english words ..she asked what word u hav learnt recently ..
    i told her schanfreude..i told her the meaning also..she was impressed..
    Now the  topic of discussion came..that was nt a gd rather everyone was allowed to speak one by one in round robil fashion.the topic was -LOVE marriage or arrange marriage.said something..just be clear with ur idea..and justify with examples ..and u r through..and nothing extra is required.

    4.simultaneouly techinical interview was going on ...soon i was called for tech interview..
    i>tell me abt urself and ur family
    me>said that..(be prepared for that,first impression is very important..i was rejected in tcs for this question only)
    i>so ur sister lives in chennai..where is she now...
    i>good...we hav a office there
    me>so u work there ?
    i>no i m in another office
    i>so ur fav subject is data structure..tell me about that
    me>sir i kno ds from the start to the end..what shud i telll u..
    i>tell everything
    me>blaah blaah
    i>stop i can see you kno very well
    i>how is ur c++
    me>i have studied oops concept using c++..i cant answer ecplicit question on c++ but i can answer oops on c++
    i>okk tell me abt microprocessor
    me>said somethin ,,i was wrong at many place but he did nt notice
    i>okk fine you kno microprocessor
    there where other question also asked i dont remember right now.

    so i think you hav good technical do well in communication round
    me>my communication round already done
    so m i selected??
    i>wait for the official result
    me>okk thank you very muc

    around 40 students cleared both technical interview and communication round.

    5.last round hr...i was not expectin this round ..i thot i was i gave my shoes to one of my friend..and placemnt cooridnator came and called me for hr..i forgot that i was wearing a chappal and went as such..while entering the gate i realise that i m wearing chappals..

    trying to hide my legs...i sat somehow...
    The main HR was a great personality full of energy..nt like other hrs..a woman in early 30 s may be..

    This round was a formality as most of student who go through HR were selected dont fear.
    She asked question about location preference..night shift..foreign transfer.....said yes in everything..
    told about bond-2 years...said no problem..
    then she asked if i m havin a photo with me..than she opened a sealed packet and took a form and gav it to me..and told to fill it and come....i had sigh of relief....
    she asked do u have a question to ask..
    i said i dont hav any question to ask but i want to say you something ..if you hav been little younger and little thinner you would exactly look my gf...
    shee laughsss. and that was it........

    starting from morning 9 am
    at 11 pm night reslt were announced..
    since i was first person to b given form ..i had to wait a lot..quite a painful time....
    ..finally by god grace and pray of my parents i was selected...i cudnt felt anything .it was a stunned feeling.i was totally a senseless person..

    suggestion for everyone..
    dont loose hope if hav been nt selected somewhre..this was my fifth try..and finally got selected..
    just hav faith on urself  and be confident..
    gettin placemnt in sw companies is justt being
    at right place at right time

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