CSC  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Gandhi Engineering College , Bhubaneswar -25 Sep 2011

CSC  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Gandhi Engineering College , Bhubaneswar -25 Sep 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends. I?m Priya Prasad 4m Gandhi Engineering College , Bhubaneswar . After getting through CSC, I feel on top of d world. I wish u all also feel d same. So I m giving u some suggestions that will surely help in getting through.

    This was d 1st time when we were having CSE as our on campus. The day 26th & 27th Sep, d best days of my life.

    CSE comprises of 5 rounds

    1st round: aptitude+ reasoning+ English written

    2nd round: technical written + essay writing

    3rd round: GD or JAM

    4th round: technical interview

    5th round: personal interview

    Out of 188 students 4m our college 110 got selected in d 1st round. Out of that 49 got selected in d 2nd & in 3rd round 28 got selected. Finally 12 lucky students got d opportunity 2 become a member of CSEian family. D 4th round was our last round bcoz of shortage of time of CSE people. Without informing us they conducted d TI+PI in d 4th round itself. When we were waiting 4 d 4th round results, d final results were announced. This was quiet surprising but amazing. When my name was called happiness in d form of tears came out.

    On 26th Sep, d 1st 2 rounds were conducted & d rest on 27th sep. just 1 day b4 we were informed that CSE is coming 2 our college for campus. U can imagine how pressurized 1 can be when CSE has no limitations 2 its subjects & portions.

     D 1st round would be easy 2 crack. Simple questions on probability, permutation  & combination, mensuration & a very simple 3*3 Sudoku, English(manageable).

    Sorry friends as I don?t remember d exact questions as I m writing it after many days. An important advice 2 all when u will see d freshers world placement papers 4 CSC u will notice 90% of d questions r same but in my paper only 20% of d questions were repeated. Go through d freshers world placement papers seriously but by seeing them don?t expect all d questions 4m there. This is valid 4 both 1st & 2nd rounds. But I? m really thankful 2 freshers world placement papers as it helped me a lot.

    In d 2nd round there were abt 65 technical questions 4m all technical subjects major ones include c, c++, RDBMS, DCCN, MPMC, AEC, DEC, SE n many more. So d course is infinite, basically ur previous knowledge will work. Don?t worry abt d essay writing - simple topics out of 4 choose 1 & write 12 to 15 lines. In any case do not leave d essay otherwise ur paper will be cancelled.

    4 d 3rd round at a time 10 students were seated in a round table.1st we were told 2 give a short intro then d topic was given . it was ?ur favourite cartoon?. There is no need 2 fear 4 d students who have got impressive communication skills. As basically they focus on how u talk.

    After that the interview process began. I was called 4 interview in 3rd no.

    It was my 1st interview. I was a bit tensed about the technical questions as they can ask from anywhere. Some of my friends were even asked questions on general knowledge so have a rough idea about the general things going around and they were even asking about the states and capitals.  The HR people were also checking students practical knowledge by asking abt electronic devices like FAX, scanner etc.

    But I was really lucky to have a friendly H.R. Initially he asked my percentage of 10th, 12th and and about my father?s service. He was quiet impressed with my confident answers , then the tough part began d technical part.

    HR: do u like programming?

    I: not very much sir.

    HR: its perfectly ok. There r many areas in s/w companies where u do not require programming.

    (So students plz be honest while answering. Don?t give fake answers as they r very experienced person , they?ll surely catch u).

     HR: favourite subject?

    I: data structure

    HR: define tree

    I: answered

    HR: define OS

    I:  answered

    Then he asked me DOS commands. I was a bit confused with d commands but somehow I managed it.

    HR: TCP/IP is present in which OSI layer

    I: answered

    Finally my interview was over & I left a very good impression on my HR & that?s d reason that right now I?m a part of CSC.

    Students try ur level best and have faith in god. God will surely give u d best u deserve.

    CSC-  training period of 3 months in Hyderabad.

    Hope 2 see u there.

    Yours truly



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