CSC  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   chennai-19 Oct 2011

CSC  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   chennai-19 Oct 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, I am Gowtham ?EEE (sreesastha institute of engineering and technology) attend the cscon campus at our college.(year-2011-0ct-20)


    They are five rounds,

    1.written aps

    2.written tech. hr

    5.personal hr.

    Total  members who attend the campus is around 300

    Written aps:

    In written aps they are 40 questions out of this u want to get nearly 20 question(easy).

    Questions related with blood relation, time and distance, condition assumptions, and some simple logical question(time-40minutes). And there will be break for 15 min. to start next round.

    (cleared member is 180)

    Written technical:

    In written tech they are 75 questions u have to answer  it in 50 minutes and 10 minutes is allocated for essay writing(four topics will given in the paper and u have to write backside of the paper itself. In this written communication is important). Tech quest.Based on c language and os, few electrical question and dbms. For us they didn?t ask microprocessor questions. 20 minutes break will given and next round will start after filtering the guys(more gets eliminated. Don?t worry cut of is low. U have to take 30 out of 75 is enough. So concentrate in technical) in this round.

    (cleared member is 66).


    Group discussion:

    In gd 11 members form a batch and they are 6 batches. Is some what gd but not exact it is called us jam round. In this every one want to speak for a given topic for 1 minute. Csc?an see the way of putting ur points but they also watch the way speaking(body language). They told us to talk on the field that u want to improve. Since I am electrical eng. I said the machine tech want to modernized.(uses of microprocessor to start and costless). And they given gd topic ? single window system[common syllabus] In our batch five gets selected to next round.(including me)

    Members cleared this round-(33)

    Technical hr:

    In this section they will ask question on dbms and os ,c,c++. Depending upon the hr u going to. For me the hr is very lenient.  He ask me about the child hood days and then he started with os(what was that, hard ware , software etc,). Finally he ask the practical question such the our customer is in another state and u r  indiff. state and customer has problem. u have to solve  it and how will u solve it. And I said sir our csc employee will be there I will call him and make him to solve that problem or if prob is simple I will give instruction for that problem to solve it by telephony. Finally he ask about dbms and I said no for that because I am eee person. And then he ask r u ieee member I said no and then he ask did u done any certified course- I said yes in niit (c &c++). He note down all the details(including the 10 and 12 and college cgpa score). And finally he directly said to me that u r selected go and meet personal hr.(note: they r seeing the academic profile. If u good they will give priority for that. Since I had 8.3 cgpa)

    Members cleared-20

    Personal hr:

    This round is simple. They will ask simple question. Which will be said in the respective colleges(tell me about urself , worst situation in life, how will overcome it, about family backgrounds etc.) u will 99.9% placed after comp. the tech hr. and all 20 guys are placed and they told us this the gift for Diwali.

    Guys do well. All the best?.

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