CORDYS  Company Profile

CORDYS  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Cordys is a software company providing a unified cloud platform solution based on Service-oriented architecture, Business process modeling and composite applications development to different enterprises. The Company is headquartered in Putten, The Netherlands, and has other offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia with the key research and development operations in The Netherlands, India and Israel.

    The origin of Cordys goes back to 1978 and development of Baan company, one of the early developers of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. With more than 20 years of experience and considerable success in the field of ERP, Jan Baan decided to move to beyond ERP space and he founded Cordys in 2001.

    The Company?s long association with ERP systems helped identify that ERP systems no longer justified the costs, lacked flexibility and agility. With globalization and the increasing popularity of the World Wide Web, there was a demand from different enterprises to solve specific business problems. Jan Baan, the CEO of the company, argued in an interview that it is difficult to address problems of a world driven by the Internet with ERP systems as they were made long before the Internet became a part of daily business.[1]

    From 2001, Cordys started research with the idea of combining the elements of existing ERP and the upcoming internet-based cloud technology. The company realized that ERPs serve very specific and valuable goals and many of the companies have invested huge amounts of money in them.[2] So, the company started developing a platform that encapsulates some of the elements of existing ERP ?behind the scenes? and simultaneously makes use of what the Internet has to offer as the ?front end?.

    The company has launched a platform and has named it Cordys Business Operations Platform.


    The Cordys Business Operations Platform is a single platform, which allows organizations to design, execute, monitor, change and optimize their critical business processes and operations. It is a combination of Business process management system, Service-oriented architecture/Enterprise service bus functionality, composite applications development, and Cloud technology.[3]

    The Cordys Business Operations Platform is a software stack that consists of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Process Management, Workflow, Master Data Management, Business Activity Monitoring, and enterprise mashup framework. The entire platform is based on Service-Oriented Architecture. Cordys also uses web services and XForms standards.

    Cordys operates in different industry verticals like Communication, Energy and Utilities, Insurance, Manufacturing, Banking and Financial services, and Government.[7

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