Check Out Symposium | VITAL At AERA 2008 Columbia Center For New Media Teaching And Learning

Members of our VITAL research group gave a symposium at the AERA 2008 Annual Meeting. Entitled "Video as a Manipulative: An Innovative System to Transform University Courses in Psychology and Education" and sponsored by the SIG Technology as an Agent of Change in Teaching and Learning (TACTL), the symposium included four papers.

symposium | vital at aera 2008 columbia center for new media teaching and learning

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Paper Name Page Views Download Count Added Date
michael preston, vital symposium 2008 59 10 Sep, 2011
herbert ginsburg and ann cami - vital symposium 2008 65 10 Sep, 2011
daniel schwartz, vital symposium 2008 58 10 Sep, 2011
joon lee, vital symposium 2008 48 10 Sep, 2011
cornelia brunner, vital symposium 2008 55 10 Sep, 2011

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