Check Out Demonstrations Of Our Work Columbia Center For New Media Teaching And Learning

CCNMTL projects are defined as more extensive efforts in which we attempt to create flexible tools and engaging study environments that faculty can shape to fit their particular classroom context.

demonstrations of our work columbia center for new media teaching and learning

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Paper Name Page Views Download Count Added Date
180 degree rule in the film language glossary 128 10 Sep, 2011
using ipod notes with the film language glossary 141 10 Sep, 2011
a demonstration of the vital environment 99 10 Sep, 2011
maap on iphone demonstration 94 10 Sep, 2011
a demonstration of brownfield action 95 10 Sep, 2011
tutorial: millennium village simulation 126 10 Sep, 2011
new york neighborhoods project demo 82 10 Sep, 2011
multimedia worth: women on the road to health 103 10 Sep, 2011

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