College Alums Share Tips With New Students

College Alums Share Tips With New Students


At the June 2011 meeting of the Emory College Alumni Board, alums took a moment to offer advice to incoming first-year and transfer students. Alumni include (in order of appearance) Natascha French 02C, Sanjiv Reej 95C, Phil Strauss 90C, Deb Jackson 95C, Chris Tobin 94C, Darcy Levit 90C, Cathleen 66C and Ray McKinney 66C, Mark Kasman 84C, Gary Wainer 75C, Stephen Andrews 79C, Steve Seltzer 81C, Beth Wray 71C, Jeff Wray 71C, Kate McRoskey 97C, Casey Gendason 00C, Theron Jones 94C, David Alvarez 64C, and Tash Elwyn 93C. For more information on Emory College orientation or alumni association, see, respectively, or

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