Class 6 Sample Paper

Class 6 Sample Paper


This page contains free download of Class 6 Sample Paper in pdf format.

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  • Posted by  vanshika bhardwaj  From  delhi
    24 Jul, 2016

    it help me to prepare for my olyampiad

  • Posted by  ankith  From  hyderabad
    13 Oct, 2014

    Its a very good site . I got 1 rank in my school in IEO .and I hope I will get in other subjects too. CRISTIANO RONALDO IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD

  • Posted by     From  
    7 Oct, 2014

  • Posted by  HARI  From  CHENNAI
    4 Oct, 2014


  • Posted by  priyanshu raj  From  ranch,i jharkhand
    7 Sep, 2014

    kindly send five year previous question and answer of nco class 6

  • Posted by  ...............  From  lucknow
    27 Jul, 2014

    I have got 6th Rank in my school i hope it will help met to go to 1st 5nd or 3rd

  • Posted by  upamanyu  From  mumbai
    31 Jan, 2014

    Its the superb website

  • Posted by  Yash Deo (Y2J)  From  New Delhi
    4 Oct, 2013

    My exam is tommorow may it help me a lot lol thanks

  • Posted by  antarikhhaya   From  siliguri
    30 Sep, 2013

    please sent last two years sample paper of class 6 .please, please, please

  • Posted by  AKSHYATA  From  NOIDA
    28 Sep, 2013

    Please send last four years sample paper of class 5 of level -1

  • Posted by  ishika Banda  From  Punjab
    22 Sep, 2013

    I like to see nco paper

  • Posted by  charan  From  bangalore
    12 Sep, 2013

    to prepare for test

  • Posted by  Lilly  From  Kolkata
    8 Sep, 2013

    Interesting question.Good

  • Posted by  alak   From  kolkata
    9 Sep, 2012

    sam q

  • Posted by  aritra das  From  kolkata
    25 Jul, 2012

    i want NCO question booklet for class 6 and 7

  • Posted by  MAHESH  From  BANGLORE
    10 Jul, 2012


  • Posted by  shlok bang  From  mumbai
    10 Feb, 2012

    good site

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