Chuck Higgins: The Brain-Machine Interface

Chuck Higgins: The Brain-Machine Interface


Dr. Chuck Higgins has a dual appointment in ECE (Electrical & Computer Engineering) and the AZ Research Lab Division of Neurobiology (ARLDN). Dr. Higgins' research truly represents research at the amazing new frontier of the BRAIN­MACHINE interface. Dr. Higgins research is designed to improve the human condition by harnessing the power of the nervous system to control robotic devices that may, in the future, make life more comfortable for injured patients. His research also has interesting potential for using insect olfactory (smell detection system) to sniff out explosives when connected to robotic devices. Charles Higgins, PhD; Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and ARL Division of Neurobiology, Colleges of Engineering & Science. The 5th annual Innovation Day at The UA was held on March 25, 2008. Innovation Day at The UA celebrates technology development and commercialization by highlighting the research achievements of students, staff and faculty. The Technology Innovation Awards recognize University of Arizona researchers for achievements in translating original ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace.

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