CDAC  Placement Paper      -31 Jul 2010

CDAC  Placement Paper      -31 Jul 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends,
    I'm attempt the CDAC entrance for DESD/DABC exam. They gave paper in 3 sections.
    1st section consists of 35 questions(DLD, Micro Processors, Data communications, computer organization)
    2nd section consists of 35 questions(C, OS)
    3nd section consists of 30 questions(20 english and 10 aptitude)
    They mainly concentrate on fundamentals.
    In DLD they are asking the question on boolean functions simplification(1question), conversions(4questions), counters&flipflops(4questions)
    In MP they asking commands
    In DC & CO abt network addresses and basic definitions
    In C the questions are very easy. they gave theory questions and programs also
    In English
    paragraph questions-5
    Critial Reasoning-5
    Fill inthe blanks wid suitable words-5
    Aptitude contains 10 questions and they are very easy 2 answer..

    I m waitng 4 resultz..........

    Rama Krishna.B

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