Caritor  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Panimalar Engg College-04 Jul 2007

Caritor  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Panimalar Engg College-04 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai friends,

    First I thank this freshersworld group which helped me in facing the interview. This  is my fourth company& Iam from I.T dept.So please don?t lose heart.



    1)Aptitude+Essay writing





    Aptitude+Essay writing:



    U will be given 10 min to write the essay. The topic given for us is ?My views on ethics & values?. Please don?t think that they won?t evaluate it. They will valuate it when u r in G.D.

    They hv 2 diff sets  of QP.

    Mathematical ability -15Q each 4m

    Verbal reasoning   - 10Q each 1m

    Logical reasoning ? 10Q each 3m

    Mathematical ability is very simple and work out R.S.Agarwal  Esp

    • The clock problem,
    • Work problem,
    • If  3 monkeys take 3 min to eat 3 bananas how long will it take for 8 monkeys to eat 8 bananas.
    • Calendar problem.
    • Distance problem

    Verbal reasoning is very simple. They  didn?t ask Synonym & antonym. They only asked simple grammar like Articles, preposition, Question tag, replace a word e.t.c


    Logical reasoning u have to think more. It is little bit time consuming. They  give some conditions and ask to infer

    Out  of 800+ students 210 were selected for G.D.



    The topic given for us is ?Is popularity of cricket due to media hype?. This is only a selection round. try to initiate the G.D. If u don?t have any idea in the topic wait for 2 or 3 persons to talk By the time u will get some idea.

    The other topics are

    • Love marriage Vs Arranged Marriage
    • Use of mobile phones in colleges.
    • Dress codes
    • Freshers prefer branded company or money.

    Tech Interview:         

    Me: May  I come in sir

    Tech:Come in

    Me:Good evening sir,

    Tech:Good evening How r u

    Me: I am fine sir, How r u sir

    Tech:I m fine. Reason for decrease in marks (He saw my resume ?Secured 95% in tenth, 90% in 12th  79% in Degree.

    Me:I explained him that during my college time I started giving importance in other activities like underwent .Net classes Linux classes etc)

    Tech: Good .Explain Some Linux commands.

    Me:Explained some 10 commands.

    Tech: What do u know in c, c++

    Me:I know the concepts of C, C++

    Tech:Concepts of c++

    Me : All OOPS concepts explained

    Tech: What is operator overloading

    Me:Explained with an eg.

    Tech:What is circular linked list



    Me:Explained the eg of Multi course reg system.

    Tech:Very Good.Thank u

    Me: Thank u sir



    Me: May  I come in sir

    HR:Come in

    Me:Good evening sir,

    HR :Good evening

    HR:Tell about urself fastly.

    Me:I told my name my strength, -ve aspect as short tempered

    H.R: We don?t have  any room for short tempored person

    Me:I am controlling by practicing meditation

    H.R:Tell abt ur family


    HR: filled the form

    H.R: Why Caritor

    Me: Good company with decent working environment & nice salary?.

    H.R:Why should I hire u

    Me:I have strong foundation in c, C++, .Net

    H.R:In C, C++ what is compiler & Linker


    H.R:Very Good answer. When u will get compile time error & When u will get run time error

    Me: explained with eg

    H.R.An excellent eg

    H.R:Do u hv any Q to ask

    Me:Asked Q on training, platform to work

    H.R: Do u hv any area of preferences

    Me:Sir I am ready to relocate anywhere

    H.R:Will u go to Noida


    H.R:Thank you

    Me:Thank u sir


    Next day by 3.30P.M results were announced . 75 were selected out 880 & I am one among them.


    Bye friends . All the best. Meet u all in Caritor.


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