Caritor  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Arunai Engineering College-23 Apr 2005

Caritor  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Arunai Engineering College-23 Apr 2005

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    7 Jan, 2012


    No of candidates attended:370

    No of them selected :31


    Round 1

    Written test:

    It was started at 8.30am??.. first they gave the answer paper?.said to write an essay abt?. How did ur college enabled ur career??this was for 10min?. then gave me the Q paper?there were 3 sections..

    Section 1: arithmetic ability? this was little tough?.but can manage.

    Section 2: verbal resoning?? very simple?. Just fill in the app blanks.

    Section 3: logical??. Just think?.. it will be easy?.

    I couldn?t remember the Q?.

    Then we had ppt?? for 1.30hr announced the result??

    They divided the groups?

    370 members attended in that 180 were selected for GD??

    15groups were divided.. each 12 members


    Round 2

    It was started at 1.15pm to 1.30pm

    The topic was ?should English be the medium of comm. In the instructors in the school level?

    Please try to be the initiator?. Or else express urself as a good leader, listener, or team player??.. just talk nicely?. Don?t argue?? be louder enough to take chance? give chance to others also? this proves ur leadership skills?then ur team player?

    Have some tactics to make up GD??

    In this round many screenings were there?. Out of 180 only 70 were selected?.


    Round 3

    Tech interview:

    Started at 3.00pm


    Asked basic Q from database and then moved towards SQL queries?? very basic.

    Damn easy then he asked Q from OOPs concepts and then he said me to mark myself my std in C and C++??I did it..

    The Questons asked were:

    1.      what is database?

    2.      what is normalization?

    3.      why do v use it?

    4.      what Is SQL?

    5.      how to retrive info from the table?

    6.      he asked from diff clauses?

    7.      some queries based on nested queries?

    8.      gave some examples and asked to work out?

    9.      what is oops?

    10.  diff bet C,C++and java?

    11.  what is multiple inheritance?

    12.  why does java doesn?t support mul inheritance?(hint: extends keyword gets overloaded whereas in C++ scope resolution operator is not overloaded. thats y)

    13.  what is alter 4 java to mk use mul inher?

    14.  what are the basic principle of OOPs?

    15.  explain fully about OOPs?

    16.  howmuch I can mark u in C out of 5?

    17.  similarly mark u in C++ out of 5?


    Total session was about 3.00pm to 4.30pm??. answered everything with smile in face and confidence in talk??.just talk caonfidently that?s it?. 

    In this round out of 70, 42 members were selected


    Round 4

    Hr screening

    It was very simple??. Just asked about family and about myself?.willling to work in any place and such like Q??..  which is most likely field to work?.. 

    This was just for 15min? I went at 6.30pm to 6.45pm

    33 were selected


    Round 5

    Hr round

    He asked me Q similar to previous round?. Tell me abt urself?how abt higher studies..willing to go to any place?..

    Just talk briskly and confidently?? don?t ever contradict?..


    This session was from 8.30 to 8.45pm

    Finally 31 were selected


    We were made to wait for 2 hr after which they announced the result and immediately gave the offer letter?shocking to see it?thank god?. Placed in my dream company itself??..


    All the best friends in caritor it is easy to get placed just talk talk and talk??? that?s it?.bye?



    Sreekaanth T

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