Caritor  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Not Specified-1 Mar 2006

Caritor  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Not Specified-1 Mar 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

    sample "c" question from the paper:

    1) a null statement is a null ponter
    a)t  b)f
    2)any fn written in c will return a value
    a)t  b)f
    3) what is the o/p assuming
     a=3  b=4  c=5
    a) 26  b)17  c) 27  d)60
    4)to print a "%" char in printf string using
    a) % b) %+ c) %% d) none

    5) identify "c" keyword
    a) volatile b) default c)auto d)none

    6)does *p++ increment p?
    a)y b)n
    7)can c perform arithmetic on a void * pointer

    8)const char *p & char *const p
    are same
    a)t b)f

    9)to read one char at a time without waiting for
    key use
    a)gets() b)fgetc c)getch() d)cannot read

    10)char str1[]="hello";
    char str2[]="hello";
    the conditional string test (str1==str2)
    returns FALSE
    a)t b)f
    11) i had defined char a[6] in one source file and in another exten char *a will it work
    a)t b)f
    12) char strbuf[]="hello ";
    char *strptr="world ";
    strbuf="world "; // _expression A
    strptr="hello"; //_expression B
    a) A invalid b) B invalid c)both valid d)both

    above code will print
    a) A and Z b)A to Z c)error d)A to z char

    14)o/p of program
    int a=100;
    int a=10;
    int a=1;
    a)100 b)10 c)1 d)unpredictable

    15)int i;
    char *str4="123four";
    above statement will return
    b)123 c)1234 d)0

    general aptitude

    verbal reasoning :9
    non verbal reasoning :5
    logical reasoning:1
    quantative reasoning :15

    a) verdict:sentence

    2)A drove her car 30 km north turned left again and
    drove 40km.
    she then turned left and drove for 30 km .again she
    turned left and
    drove for 50 km .
    how faris she from initial position?
    a)10 b)50 c)30 d) none
    verbal ability(similar meaning)
    a)last b)finish c)end d)dead
    a)jug b)mug c)cup d)tube
    5)SHAPE( ) FORM
    A)appear b) design c) class d) group
    6) NICE ( ) PUNISH
    a)good b)fine c)clean d)time
    5 FRIENDS L,K,M,N,RA,RO part time in a restaurent 5
    days a week
    1)n and r on mon,tue,wed
    2)ra and ro on mon,wed,thu
    3)r and l on mon ,fri,thu
    4)l and m on fri,tue and thu
    5)n and m on fri,tue,wed.

    a)which cannot work on thursday
    a)n b)ra c)ro d)l e)m


    1)A takes 4 days and B 5 days . both work together on same job ,what proportion of work is done by A ?

    2)in 4 yrs swami age would be double kesh . swami is twice as old as ramu. which is true?
    a) s,k,r in ratio 6:1:3
    b)k is youngest of 3
    c)10 yrs hence will be 1/3k

    3)no of ways in which team of 11 can be selected from 22 always including 2 and excluding 4
    a 16c9 b)20c9 c)16c5 d)16c11

    4)when a 2 digit no is divided by the sum of digits the quotient is 4 . if digits are reversed nwe no is 6 less than the original no. find the no.
    a)12 b)21 c)42 d)24

    5)conc of 3 wines a,b,c is 10,20,30% mixed in the ratio
    2:3:x resulting in a 23% conc soln. find x
    a)7 b) 5 c)6 d)4

    6)10 men have sufice ration for 3 meals a day for 5 days after 2 days 5 more men join,how many days it will
    last at rate of 2 meals.
    a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4

    7)the unit digits of a 3 digit no is square of hundred digit which of following can be diff between the no and no
    formed by reversing order of digits..
    a)200 c)196 b)198 d)194


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