Caritor  Placement Paper   General - Other   JSS Academy Of Technical Education, Bangalore-05 Jul 2007

Caritor  Placement Paper   General - Other   JSS Academy Of Technical Education, Bangalore-05 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello freinds, caritor visited our campus on 6th july 2007.A total of 80 attended and approx 40 of them were selected (i was one among them).

    The test pattern was:
    1> Aptitude test
    2> GD
    3> Technical interview
    4> HR

    Aptitude test was pretty tough for me.It contained 3 sections,

    >aptitude section that had almost no questions from RS Aggarwal.But basics can be found from this book, but please solve all the questions from this book because it is a time tested book. it was pretty difficult becuase the questions were very lengthy but the trick was to find the most important part of the question.

    so friends read question carefully once because if you loose track of the question you will be wasting lot of time unnecessarily..........

    >english section was very easy for contained 10 q 

    >3rd was reasoning test which was a mixture of easy, tough & tricky q. but then be carefull & read questions very carefully

    this was my 3rd attempt(after CTS,WIPRO).i was eliminated in writ roud in both even though ,i feel, i had done my wipro test 10 times better than my caritor writ  test......... so friends remember 50% it depends on your ability & rest 50% depends on how your luck is (variety of reasons as any of your senior who has faced the selection procedure would say)    on  that day whether you get through the first round or not  .............but trust me rest of the 3 rounds are purely based on your skills & your ability  ..     for written test  i thought for a while i may not make it through this one as well...but by gods grace somehow i managed to clear the first round...

    out of 80 ,55 cleared the first round. 

    second round was GD & the topic was should mobile phones be banned or not...
    as you know the basic rules of gd are not to be against or for the topic. just speak something logical & be carefull , NEVER look at the face of  the person who is evaluating the gd.....

    third round  was pretty simple lasting only 5 minutes for me for some it lasted for even 30 is particularly easy to clear tech round if you have a very good aggregate. i had an aggregate of 76% & was asked about normalisation & a simple selection sort algorithm (with code).

    fourth round was a cakewalk since i found they were not interested in eliminating anyone who had cleared other three rounds.......

    so friends dont loose hope if you r not getting through a company in your first or second attempt. I know it hurts a lot especially if you have a good academic record & even then cannot see yourself through....but then that is keep trying & i am sure one of the days will definetly be yours as it happened with me...

    hope this would help you...SEE YOU ALL AT CARITOR(KEANE).........

    Bharat Raj

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