Capgemini  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Rajiv Gandhi College Of Engg..,chandrapur-22 Apr 2010

Capgemini  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Rajiv Gandhi College Of Engg..,chandrapur-22 Apr 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    hello frnd.
    It ws an open campus for we, d nagpur univrsity students, n in all 684 students appeard 4 d written test.
    my suggestion 2 u guys is tat just go through d previous years test papers and u can make it 2 nxt round. In our case, d paper consisted of 2 sections, 25 Q's each.There ws a sectionl cut off of 12 4 both d sections.One section ws purely based on maths n d other on english .D maths section is decisive n d english one is quite easy.
    i cleaRD D Writtn n wnt on 4 nxt round.

    out of 684, 68 gt shortlistd 4 gd, so v wre calld in a grp of 10 each .My topic 4 gd ws 'IS GRP DISCUSION AN IMP PROCESS IN CAMPUS RECRUITMNT' , n aftr it v, were waitin 4 d result.HR's were friendly wit us, n so it all wnt f9.I cleard dis round as well .

    out of 684, 47 were shortlistd 4 PI.

    Jst keep your confidence level high n speak out atleast 1 strong point on d topic.
     d inetrview didn't tuk place d same day.v were calld at ngpr d nxt day, RKNEC, where v had our interviews.

    this being d final rnd , i wnt quite confidently preparin C n C++ , being an electronics engg , my PI ws purely HR n no technical questions were askd 2 me.V were 2students 2gether in frnt of HR, n he ws askin Q's simultaneously 2 both of us.
    questions were like:-

    tell me about urself,
    my project,
    a question on my presentation topic n
    finally a tricky question :- he made a rectangle  n askd me 2 divide it in 7 equal pieces, n i did it , as it is so simple.

    At lst , HR askd me , tat whther i would 2 ask him any question , i replied sayin NO confidently , den he shook hands wit me n said gud , n i left.
    My partner made several mistaks, as he kept his foldr on d table directly, ws playin wit his photo in midst of fingers .
    finaly, results r out , n  i'm quite lucky enough 2 b d one out of d 27 selectd finally.

    all d best.

    c u capgemini ......

    deepak, dj

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