Capgemini  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIT, Raipur. -5 Aug 2008

Capgemini  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIT, Raipur. -5 Aug 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello all job aspirants,  i am charchika shukla, student of NIT Raipur.I got placed in "CAPGEMINI" on 5th August 2008.It was a wonderful experience.  you will get to know abt the pattern n procedure from other papers on this wonderful site we all know as "FRESHERSWORLD.COM" but  what i will tell u is my experience -

     that day first  of all the company's representatives gave a Powerpoint Presentation of their company , as it was the first software company to vsit our college all of us were very excited , i and some of my frnz had come with an attitude that just lets see what happens,we were not very sure, so it was like a rehearsel for us. the presentation was good,they told us abt their cmpny n all.You must check out a few details like CEO,locations,origin etc. about the cmpny,it helps.

    after ppt we were to sit for the written was easy , there were 2 sections - apti n LR. there were 3 different sets of the paper.questions wre of the type specified in many of the papers on this site.50 qs n 1 hr time.they had told us a cutt off of 10 qs in each section.i had solved 12-13 qs of apti and around 18-20 qs of LR. i had given the test with " lets see what happens" hope., after about 1 n a hlf hr results were declard n to my surprise my name was there!! total 120 students were selectd .i thought " oh my god !i will have to prepare for next round GD" as i had not prpd for it at with my frnz help i prepared some current topics like "Nuclear deal" , "terrorism" n a few abstract topics like "black" etc. they had divided 120 ppl in 10 grps each of 12 members.

    then came my turn- n luckily i got the topic Nuclear panel gave us 2 min. to think abt the i had prpd it ,so i decided anyhow i have to "initiate" the topic, as it yields most points and was just looking at them for start signal n as soon as i got it i just grabbed the opportunity n successfully initiated the topic - "gudafternoon all of u,i m so n so n our topic of discussion is ...." . one important thing that i learnt was - a persn must be confident while speaking, must raise the volume if he/she is not getting the chance to speak, becoz nobody is going to give u chance to speak , n at the same must listen to others attentively, make eye contact wid ur grp members it shows ur confidence  n projects u as a facilitator who helps others to speak. i did all this. n also , if possible try to make urself comfortable with ur grp members if u know their names, before the discussion as it helps u to win frnz n hence good n familiar grp members to discuss with.

    neways, results were out n as i thought - i had a chance, i was one of the 3 students selectd from our grp of 12 74 students.

    so , i was in for the final round - the tech+ hr interview. it was really a mix of feelings- i was excited at the same tme a bit nervous abt the interview as i had not prpd well my technical subjects like Operating System, N/wking etc. n rest of the subjects like DS,C,C++  i had not touched them for the last week , but ya , i was done with my project works which i had done genuinely. so before goin to interview i had some 2 hrs , so i just brushed up some of the basic concepts n all .

    i was abt to be called on 27 th no. but to my surprise, my name was called around 7:15 pm nearly 1/2 an hr earlier.i was not at all prepared , i just picked up my file from smwhere n a pen, lended by my frnd n rushed in.

    there were 4 panels . I was sent to a single person panel.His name was Mr. Shabreesh Menon.

    so i jst entered n wished him gudevning sir.he too wished me n askd me to sit.n he askd me the meaning of my name. i told.he then asked me to give me a brief intro of myself.i did. then he askd me abt my projects.i told. then askd me abt my fav subject.i told. nxt q was why did i chose to pursue MCA.i told. then he gave me a really easy puzzle.i answrd.he then askd why shall they choose me over others.i told hard work,sincere with an eg to support.then he finally  askd me if i had any constraints regarding the place if i get placed.i said no.

    he then said ok,it was nice meeting u and did a handshake.i said - "same here sir"with a smile. and i left.

    i thought i had a chance,for the first time in the whole day it came to my mind- i dnt want to go home empty handed now. as i was the first one t be called of our class so evry one jst asked me abt the interview.finally, the results were abt to be out..........

    finally our(girls candidates,as it was getting late) results wre out - n my name was there!!! frm our class 7 girls n 4 bys have been selectd!!!

    just, one thing be confident n take evry thing lightly, i.e dont be tensed n have faith in the god. n u will do it...


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