Capgemini  Placement Paper   General - Other   KIIT,Bhubaneswar-4 Jun 2007

Capgemini  Placement Paper   General - Other   KIIT,Bhubaneswar-4 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hie Friends,this is Samrat here..I am sharing my experiences abt the CAPGEMINI recruitment held at KIIT,Bhubaneswar on 4th......        

    As u guys would b knowing this is year the test pattern of CAPGEMINI is Aptitude(25) and Reasoning(25)..Then followed by GD, Technical (mainly HR based and puzzles) and HR..    

    The apti part was very easy. actually questions are being repeated. The same question that came in BIT ,Kolkata came here ..So I would suggest all the aspirants  to solve the papers given in freshersworld properly....In our college 300 students sat for the paper.Out of it 120 cleared written. Then came the GD part..    

    Topics like -East or West which is the land of opportunities and Gandhigiri or Dadagiri were given.In our college we had 50 B.Tech and 70 MCA 's qulaified for written...There were 5 B.Tech GD group and 7 MCA groups each consisting of 10 .So out of it 51 cleared GD..My topic was Lagey Raho Munnabhai and its impact in modern days..I cleared GD..    

    Then came the Technical or Management round..In this round either you would be asked some HR queestions like Tell Me about Yourself or some cases would be given to you and you have to get the best possible answers..They gave me a puzzle from Shakuntala Devi and told me to complete it in 30 secs.I confidently did it in 20 secs.And they would also be askin you abt ur Hobbies and details on them..Then I was told to wait outside for HR round..

    Friends remember in Capgemini every person has to undergo thru TECH and HR..They evaluate you on your total performance starting from written marks,GD,Tech qualities and HR... Then in my HR round i had to face the HR Head of Kolkata--VANDANA mam.She asked me on why I joioned Capgemini inspite of there being so many big companies like TCS,CTS,etc.
    Then asked abt my projects in details..Then asked me on my hobbies,Extracurricular activities..A situation was given to me how I should overcome it with the best possible outcomes. like that..and then asked questions like Why i joined KIIT,Bbsr apart from having joined in an Engineering college in Kolkata(I am from KOL so shes asked this)..Like this..i was so confident withe the answers that my HR was pleased..It was a 20 mins Interview..Then she finally asked me if I have any questions for her.I asked her soe like what a company expects from the freshers and wat subject a fresher should be acquainted  with properly b4 joining a company and like dat..Then she told me it was over and I had to wait outside for results. Finally when results came out at 12 am ..i was lucky to find my name in the 5th call...What they said was they marked a person totally starting from Written GD,Tech ,HR..mine was the 5th rank out of the 300 ..Hey guys I was so lucky..After having failed to even clear the written in WIPRO,MINDTREE,L&T INFOTECH I was really very depressed and now i ve cleared CAPGEMINI --a MNC wow!!  

    Guys i really bleive to get recruited u really need 70 percent luck....Anyways I hope my suggestion would help all the aspirants....They offered package of 2.75 but it woudl be revised to 3.3 lacs/annum...
    Best of luck to all the aspirants!!! And see u guys in CAPGEMINI!!!!

  • 21 Aug, 2012

    hi! i am too from kit. i want to know what is the scope for elecrical peole there and what is yhe package?

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